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Listings, Listings, Listings: A real estate agent's guide to capturing and marketing listings like a pro

April 29 2021

house close upAre you interested in capturing seller leads for your real estate business? This is a highly competitive market and can take a lot of time, money and effort if you aren't utilizing the right tools, or aren't in the right mindset to beat out your competitors.

At Elevate, we believe in a comprehensive strategy to capture, secure and market in the seller lead space, because we know there's a LOT that goes into lead generation! Here are eight considerations that every seller agent needs to focus on to capture, nurture and convert more seller leads into cha-ching!

1. Invest in Your Brand

If you want to pull in high-end clients, make sure your brand reflects that. If you want to cater to veterans, make sure your brand reflects that. Whomever you want to cater to, make sure your brand reflects that. Logos, color schemes, fonts, taglines and slogans—they matter. Positioning yourself against your key competitors takes thought. You get what you pay for. Invest to get the story right. It makes all of the other pieces of the story a lot easier.

2. A Website to Impress

Nothing will turn off an online lead faster than a crappy website. Stop relying on big portals or your brokerage's freebies unless the look and feel truly represents your brand. Remember, you aren't just representing yourself, you are representing your seller, and they want their listing to look and feel its best.

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3. Don't Forget Lead Generation Forms

OMG. How many websites miss the entire "I'm trying to capture leads" idea?! Don't be one of those! The entire objective of your website is to showcase your brand, search for properties of interest and make it SUPER EASY for people to raise their hand to connect with you. Help them!

4. Invest in PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Gone are the days where you can think you can't afford PPC or don't need it. Buck up and invest. Price points vary based on your market area and the number of leads you want to capture. Work with a reputable company and follow the processes they've put into place to nurture and convert. Honestly, there is no such thing as a bad lead—there's just bad processes and workflows.

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5. Get Social

You do NOT have to be the king or queen of Twitter, but you do need to have a social presence. Here's the facts: your prospects are most likely on social, and even if they aren't, they are expecting YOU to be because that's how you are going to help market their listings. If it's not your wheelhouse, then hire someone to help you. It's not an option, it's a necessity.

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6. Be a Resource

Use your marketing channels to offer service and value to your audience. Think along the lines of a home valuation page on your website, Instagram story polls asking, Do you want to move this year?, social and blog posts, etc. Point them to your website or lead capture form to get their info. Give, give, give as much helpful information as you can. It'll come back to you ten-fold.

7. Stand Out with Print (Yes, We Said Print)

The world went digital—and now we're overwhelmed with digital. Want to stand out? Target your markets with gorgeous postcards, door hangers and luscious property flyers. It shows that you INVEST in your clients. And yes, we did use the word luscious above.

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8. Use a Quality CRM

If you're doing it right, you're going to have a stacked sales funnel. Collect, store, and track leads' progress through a CRM that makes sure that you can automate a myriad of tasks, processes, workflows and follow-up reminders. Don't allow your hard-earned leads to fall through the cracks. Get your strategy in order!

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