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RE Technology Launches 2021 Broker Technology Success Guide

April 26 2021

Broker Success Guide 2021 coverRE Technology has just released its latest Success Guide. In this new edition, we will be sharing insights on broker technology products. Broker technology products are developed to strengthen the service offering to consumers by enabling real estate agents to perform more effectively.

Brokerages who are making strides in market penetration and agent growth all have one thing in common today – great technology. It is interesting to note that many of the largest brokerages in the nation have not been able to master their grand vision of technology. A new strategy has emerged that allows brokers to choose best-of-breed products. It is almost like buying the best car on the market, driving it for a few years, and perhaps switching to a new model.

Agile brokers are not pinning their hopes to the grand vision of owning technology any more than they would need to own the company that makes computers. Buy software that fits your business and partner with a vendor that delivers great service. If the technology does not fit or you need to pivot, you can always switch vendors or integrate some new features to keep your technology plan in first place.

Download Success Guide: Broker Technology to learn more about broker technology trends, how to evaluate broker technology, and more.