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3 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid In 2012

January 02 2012

As 2011 comes to a close we decided to reflect on many conversations we’ve had over the year. It was clear as we talked, there are similar patterns amongst many different people in our industry.

There is a definite mystery surrounding 2012. The opinions that are swirling around vary greatly, and to a certain extent everyone is right. The year is going to be what you make of it, so make sure you start by avoiding the 3 biggest mistakes of 2011.

You’re Too Hard On Yourself

I’m not sure where the perfectionism practice originated, but if I had to guess it’d be within the real estate industry. We jump in front of the camera every single day, and sometimes it results in a great episode, and sometime not.

The thing is we do it. Then, we post it.

I’ve had countless conversations this year with real estate professionals that tell me they’ve shot a few videos, but they can’t muster the courage to post them. Their hair doesn’t look right, their script wasn’t perfect.

There is nothing wrong with a healthy dose of constructive criticism, but don’t go overboard into being your own worst critic. If given the opportunity, too many people will hold themselves back. Don’t be one of them.

Go Get That Cup Of Coffee

coffee talk 570x475

The next big mistake we saw this year was agents and others being reclusive. Many people in this market environment tend to become more reclusive.

They think if they just keep their head down longer than the next guy they’ll succeed. Often times that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Instead of avoiding that networking event, luncheon or request to go grab coffee, take advantage of the opportunity. You never know what great new marketing idea might come from that next event.

In one of my favorite books Where Good Ideas Come From, Steven Johnson mentions a principle called the adjacent possible. In the book he describes our ideas as sitting in a room, and every person and interaction we have has a door to another possible outcome for the idea.

Now is not the time to drawback. Rather its the best time for your biggest ideas about where your business can go to actually happen. You just have to step out from behind the desk to do it.

The World Isn’t Waiting On You

The World Isnt Waiting On You 570x379

The last mistake we encountered most frequently this year was the sit and wait attitude. Can you believe I had a conversation this year about the validity of getting involved with social media? In any capacity.

I’m ready to go on the record and say social media, technology and all these new fangled gadgets are good for your business. Only if you use them properly. Don’t let them allow your productivity to take a complete nosedive.

The big takeaway is understanding that the world isn’t going to wait for you. The advancement of technology in our industry and every other industry in the world isn’t going to slow down.

You can either fight it or go with it.

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