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7 Ways to Get More Seller Leads in a Tight Market

March 01 2021

delta more seller leads in a tight marketReal estate agent marketing is more vital now than ever. No one could have predicted that 2020 would bring us such challenges, and yet, even fewer could have guessed that real estate markets around the country would see substantial increases in home sales. With remote working, virtual learning, and the desire to leave heavily congested areas, many professionals, families, and aging adults are making the decision to purchase a new home for the long-haul. Take note: 2020 may have been an outlier of a year, but the demand for housing will likely not decrease in 2021.

Research, reports, and expert opinion claim that the housing market will continue to see a strong buyer presence, thus creating a tighter market. To leverage this increased demand in a tight market, real estate agent marketing can work wonders. How can real estate agent marketing work for you? Here are seven ways to get more seller leads in a tight market.

1. Leverage Technology

Selling a home today means using the technology of tomorrow. While there are tried and true ways of selling a home, successful real estate agent marketing involves leveraging the latest technologies. SEO tactics should be integrated into all web pages, including individual listings, to open conversations with potential sellers who may be keeping an eye on their local market.

2. Cold Calling Non-Traditional Sellers

No matter how rare a For Sale By Owner listing may be, they may present a golden opportunity to convert a new client. FSBO sellers often value transparency and honesty, two traits that some believe that won't retain in an agent out to serve themselves. Approaching these sellers in person for a casual chat about their real estate goals can be an old-school yet effective real estate agent marketing strategy.

3. Identify Dependable Lead Generation Tactics

No real estate agent marketing strategy is successful overnight; how ever your agency has secured leads in the past is likely a dependable way to generate more in the present. Hone in on the top three tactics used and consider updating them for modern times. For instance, if physical open houses cannot be held, consider hosting virtual gatherings.

4. Host Unique Virtual Gatherings

Using your network of professionals such as contractors and mortgage lenders, host a virtual meetup for buyers and sellers to attend. By bringing remodeling agencies, cleaning services, loan officers, and other professionals under one digital roof, you can create an all-in-one event that attracts potential sellers who may be currently searching for these services.

5. Educate Tomorrow's Sellers

A solid real estate agency marketing strategy plays the short game and the long game. Use your website and social media channels as an educational resource for prospective sellers. Those who are on the fence about selling their home can find answers to all of their home selling questions without the need to directly contact an agent if they're not yet ready. This build their confidence in their decision to sell the home, indirectly builds trust with your agency, and helps them make the seamless transition to enlisting your services.

6. Team Up With Other Agents

Regardless if you're new in your market or a seasoned pro, you can never have enough help in selling houses. Teaming up with other real estate agents creates a wider net to catch leads in. Combining your resources, along with your own knowledge of what works and what doesn't, will instantly enhance your real estate agent marketing plans. If nothing else, good networking and the affirmation that one strategy works or doesn't work are valuable for the future of your business.

7. Use Your Personal Network

It's exceptionally easy, and tempting, to immediately look for the next big thing when it comes to real estate agent marketing tactics. AI-driven apps and software are fantastic resources that take a lot off of your plate, but there's still something to be said about a good, old fashioned chat with a friend. Your neighbor may know that the family-owned business across town is closing up shop so that the owners can retire to Florida. Your old college friend may know of a client or business partner looking to sell their home to meet their growing needs. Tap into your personal network to discover potential leads, then approach these potential sellers via your real estate agent marketing strategy.

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