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Top 10 Articles of 2011

December 30 2011

We’re counting down the most popular articles of 2011. These articles are chosen based on their total number of page views. What do you think of our top 10? Are there any other articles you thought would make the list?


Let the countdown begin!

10) Do’s and Dont’s of Text Messaging for Real Estate Agents
By Emily Williams

There's a time and a place for text messaging. It can be a helpful tool – or a totally inappropriate misuse of technology. Here are just a few pointers about how to use text messaging appropriately. As with all our articles, we'd love to hear your comments about your own experiences.

9) Real Estate Agents: How to Crack Craigslist
By Suresh Srinivasan of ReachFactor

It’s probably part of your process: After securing a property listing or re-listing a vacant property, you post it on Craigslist. And depending on how many other tasks you’ve had to complete at that sitting you might not give this one your very best effort, especially observing the often minimal real estate listing ads already on the site.

8) Tired of Your Smartphone Dying? 7 Quick Fixes
By Emily Williams

Two months ago, I finally gave-in and purchased a Smartphone. Given how long I'd avoided taking this step, I was determined to feel ambivalent about my new tool. Instead, my Droid and I have been getting along swimmingly. Except for one thing: it keeps dying on me!


7) Smooth Operators: Android vs. iOS
By RE Technology

Okay. You've made the wise decision to buy a smartphone. Now what? You're going to be offered several options (determined largely by your cell service provider). Which smartphone, with which operating system, is right for you? Today, I'm going to discuss the main contenders: Android and iOS. These aren't the only operating systems you'll find running on smartphones, but they're the two I've been reading the most about lately.

6) Four Tips for Winning a Listing
By RE Technology

Every real estate agent develops their own mojo when they are doing a listing presentation. Success comes from confidence and preparedness. But for some, the process creates a lot of anxiety because they do not have a plan.

5) 5 Strategies for Generating Leads in Today’s Market
By RE Technology

Facebook is an incredible way to keep current with the activities of the businesses and individuals you’re interested in. Market Leader is one of the companies that I follow on Facebook – and this is where I spied the news about their “5 Strategies for Generating Leads in Today’s Market” whitepaper. I downloaded my free copy and will summarize some of the key findings here. For full information, download the free whitepaper.

4) 3 Ways to Sell . . . for People Who Hate Sales
By Emily Williams 

I recently read an article on called “6 Ways to Sell Without Selling Your Soul.” It was an awesome article, one that I think has some definite benefit for real estate agents. I’m going to share 3 tactics, ways that those of you who hate sales can still grow your business.

3) Top 10 Grammar Mistakes (Part One)
By RE Technology

If you're like most people, writing isn't much fun. Just because you're not a gifted scribe doesn't mean you shouldn't share your thoughts. After all, as an experienced professional, you've got valuable insights that could enlighten your peers and market your services, insights that would be best expressed in writing. You need to be sure that your literary gems have a basic level of grammatical accuracy if you don't want your message to get lost through the "noise" of your mistakes.

2) 8 iPad Apps REALTORS® Love!
By Mike Sparr of Goomzee

I was in the Phoenix/Mesa area this month and was fortunate enough to learn about the local RE Barcamp. I’ve attended others before but must commend the organizers, volunteers and attendees on making it one of the best networking and knowledge-sharing events ever.

1) REALTOR® Marketing is Changing with New Lead-Generation Service
By RE Technology


Today, Listingbook announced, a new lead generation system that has the potential to change the way REALTORS® prospect online. This is not your mother’s lead generation. For as little as $1 per lead, real estate agents using will receive exclusive, high-quality leads and the tools to convert these leads.


Some really excellent articles didn’t quite make the top 10 list, but we wanted to share them anyway. Here are the close runners-up.

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