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8 Ways for Real Estate Agents to Deal With Stress

February 19 2021

rentalbeast deal with stress 1How are your stress levels doing? It can be tough to get into a business mindset with high levels of stress. We're navigate these challenging waters together. Here are seven ways that real estate agents can deal with stress and increase their calm.

1. Take a second to breathe

Put away the news, tell your loved ones you'll see them in one second, and go somewhere quiet to spend a minute deep breathing. The ability to control your breath might seem insignificant during a time in which control seems so difficult to find. However, deep breathing through your fears and anxieties can make an important difference.

If you meditated regularly, or have meditated in the past, now may be a time to return to those calming practices. Your day may be very busy, but real estate agents can deal with stress by taking some time to simply breathe.

2. Connect with your family and friends (over FaceTime, if need be!)

rentalbeast deal with stress 2

If you can stay at home and only leave your house to pick up essential goods, it's time to start right now! However, remember, not seeing your friends and family members doesn't mean that you can't give and receive love and support. If you're at home with your family, take some time out of your day to spend quality time without the distraction of the news.

If you have friends and family who are older, immunocompromised, or otherwise self-isolating, now is great time to pay them a virtual visit with Skype or your favorite video sharing system.

Want to have a virtual movie night with your friends and family? Extensions like Netflix Party can let you and your friends stay in touch in a super fun way.

3. Reach out and advise your clients to your clients

We know that real estate agents are an integral part of their communities and highly invested in the relationships they've built with their clients. So, don't forgot that your clients are a powerful part of your community in this challenging time. They, too, would love some help and words of support as they navigate their own challenges.

Once again, a great way for real estate agents to relieve stress is to remind yourself of the power of humanity and human connection. So, reach out to your clients and let them know that you can still help find housing, if need be. Many of your clients look to you as a stable source of knowledge and inspiration, so consider starting a newsletter than your clients can use to plan their next housing moves.

However, make sure to wrap whatever marketing activities you decide to progress with in lots of empathy and compassion! Start and finish all communications with an expression of the health of your clients and an inquiry about how their family is coping during these challenging tips.

4. If you can, donate to a charity

If you're in a financial position to be able to give money to a charity, considering donating to a charity that will help the vulnerable families stay afloat during this challenging time.

Here's a far from comprehensive list of charities that are helping relieve those affected by COVID-19:

Again, this list is far from comprehensive. And, during times where you might be locking down your wallet, it's totally alright to decide that now is not the right time to donate to charity! However, real estate agents are crucial parts of their communities and reminding yourself of the power of community is a great way for real estate agents to deal with stress.

5. Keep routines

Keeping your routines steady during stressful times is a great way for real estate agents to deal with stress and to feel in control of their time and their business.

If possible, build some time into your routine for quiet and self-reflection into your day (read #1).

6. Do your best to alleviate stress by eating, sleeping, and exercising well

rentalbeast deal with stress 3

And, when you create a new routine, make sure that you're creating something that's healthy for you! It can be highly tempting to stay up all night reading the news, but see if (to the best of your ability) you can create healthy habits that will help you in the long run. Of course, don't be harsh on yourself. Real estate agents can alleviate stress by trying to eat a balanced diet, finding a few exercises that work for your lifestyle, and aiming for good sleeping habits.

7. Disconnect from the news. Or, at least, consume it thoughtfully

It can be tough to strike the right balance of news consumption. Of course, you want to stay updated and make sure you can be a reliable source of knowledge for your clients, but corona-related anxiety is tough to fight through.

See if you can set aside an hour that will be your designated time to read up on the news and collect relevant information that will serve you and your clients in a productive way. Especially helpful will be information about the home sales market and the rental market.

8. Explore tech options

Finding the right way to adapt is an excellent way to destress. Tech options are helping real estate agents reduce their stress, and continue to grow their business from the comfort of their home.

Your brokerage may have already suggested some resources which will allow you to give virtual tours, or may have procedures to lead contact-free showings. These are great ideas! Use the tech you have to your advantage.

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