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3 Ways to Get More Leads in 2021

February 15 2021

crm relationshipsIf you haven't already done this, I'm betting you're pretty close. Just like people got addicted to, and subsequently stopped complaining about, how the pandemic was 'unprecedented' and working from home became 'the new normal,' I think we're ready to leave all of the '2020 complaining' behind us. 2021 is going to be a great year, and there's no time like the present to start taking advantage of the opportunities we'll find.

Part of what is going to make this year so great is that we've got a fresh chance to take stock of the best ways for us to fill the real estate sales funnel. Listings are the lifeblood of real estate. And absolutely no one enjoys enduring feast and famine routines as they try and build sustainability into their business. To gain—and maintain—momentum month after month, we need to have in place some solid practices around listings and lead generation.

Tips and Tricks

Unless you've got homeowners or corporate real estate managers beating down your door every month, or leaving new business on your doorstep, give these tips and tricks a try. Cultivating listings takes effort, but there's also no reason to reinvent the wheel.

1. Top 50 Contacts

Neighborhood networking and sphere of influence marketing is essential for every real estate agent. This is the easiest thing to do because you're simply reaching out to, and catching up with, people you already know. Quick conversations with your HVAC rep or your brother's cousin in the mortgage business are a fantastic way to keep your ear to the ground and stay top-of-mind for your contacts. Routinely (quarterly, every six months, or whatever makes the most sense for that person) offer to buy lunch, or grab coffee, or send a quick 'thinking of you' card. Those 50 people know 50 other people, and so on. Keep them close and happy and talking.

2. Social Outreach

Include social media and real estate postcard campaigns. These are still a great way to get your name out there and to stay in touch with prospects, but it can take time to design and distribute. The advent of apps like Instagram and Snapchat provides you with a platform to instantly send a picture of a property, an open invitation to view your newest listings, or to show off your wonderful and hardworking team to the world. But don't just jump out there on your own if you're not skilled or confident. Make sure you've got the right approach, put some thought behind your postings, and remember that your brand is on full display once you hit 'Send' and especially when/if you comment on anything.

3. Help Distressed Homeowners

It might not seem like it at first, but distressed homeowners could be a great way to find new listings. Homeowners behind on their commitments want to avoid declaring bankruptcy and foreclosure, if at all possible. One of the lingering effects of 2020 on homeownership is that there are bound to be folks who need the kind of help of a real estate professional to get out of their current home and into something they can more easily afford. That could be a true win/win situation and you could get started with a couple of simple online searches.