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Dynamic Video Ads Make You a Real Estate Diva (Yes, men too!)

January 20 2021

The Great Reshuffling

Zillow CEO Rich Barton calls it 'the great reshuffling': the shift to remote work underscores the ability for people to live where they want now. Consumer demand is high. At the same time, there's more reshuffling among real estate companies. You've seen the headlines. Compass is raising tremendous amounts of cash. Zillow Offers, Redfin Now, Opendoor and other iBuyer companies are battling for market share in the space. Homeowners can sell directly to major real estate tech companies. New apps are aimed at making home sales similar to an Amazon transaction. And companies are offering an ever-widening array of services.

In the midst of this, we see portals reshuffle their strategy away from advertising services to referrals. As a result, agents must now shift their marketing to local direct to consumer. A successful way to do that is to leverage video ads. Video ads work well to build a brand and gain higher click through rates than other ads.

It Takes a DyVA to Stay Competitive

Some agents are becoming "divas" to stay competitive. The twist here is that diva is spelled DyVA and it stands for Dynamic Video Ads—professional quality video ads that are built and placed using automation from Ylopo.

Video is the most effective way to market in 2020. In fact, according to Cisco Systems, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022. The average real estate advertiser isn't using video because it is too expensive, and agents do not have the expertise or technology required to produce highly engaging video content.

DyVA—an included feature in Ylopo's suite—solves that. It gives agents the ability to generate and proliferate excellent video content across social platforms in minutes. The video gets uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and others. All that's needed is to enter the MLS listing number and choose from dozens of video templates. They range from Just Listed and Open House to holiday themes. The proprietary software pulls the information from the MLS, and Ylopo's proprietary AI automatically selects the best listing photos. The DyVA platform then creates the video, formats and optimizes it to effectively appear on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Each individual DyVA marketing campaign costs approximately $65 and will ideally run for up to a month (assuming the listing is on the market that long).

These ads also showcase an agent's expertise in selling a home. A client can either access a web page which shows real-time performance statistics, or agents can provide them with an attractive report.

The Next Level

DyVA technology also features a 'Digital Billboard' which produces and publishes unique video content. This content is updated monthly and can be used to brand an agent's entire database, regardless of size. The video content covers everything from pets and top kitchen hacks, to educational, listing-based videos.

Most importantly, 24/7 branded content running all year keeps an agent top of mind to current and potential clients. Not surprisingly, agents are choosing to become DyVAs to stay ahead of the competition and to better serve their clients.

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