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3 Keys to Facebook for Real Estate from Stacey Harmon

December 27 2011

In the introduction to her book “Facebook Page Marketing: Content Strategies for Real Estate,” Stacey Harmon says: “Real estate agents struggle every day with exactly what they should post on their real estate fan pages. Many, if not most, do it wrong.” The book then powerfully sets out how to do it right – with actionable advice and concrete examples.

1) It’s All About Engagement
The emphasis of Stacey’s advice is on increasing engagement – that’s your connections’ engagement with your Facebook page. This makes sense, as the more engaged your fans become, the more opportunities for further engagement. Ultimately, this engagement should translate to some sort of business benefit to you.

2) Variety is the Spice of Life
Don’t just post links to your listings. Stacey explains that this is unlikely to result in any sort of positive engagement with your connections. Instead, make use of the many different posting options available to you on Facebook – particularly photos (once again – NOT just of your listings).

No matter what you’re posting, provide commentary about it. Make your posts personal, sharing your thoughts and feelings. This also goes for your listings, when you do post them. Comment on the property in the listing, pointing out some of the key features.

3) Be Consistent
In addition to what to post, one of the top questions real estate professionals have about Facebook is how much to post. Stacey recommends starting with 4 to 7 posts per week. The key then is to assess the performance of your strategy. As well as the number of posts, pay attention to the time of day that you post.

3 Examples
In the book, Stacey provides 125 good examples. Among them are:

Stacey Harmon 1

Stacey Harmon 2

Stacey Harmon 3

Get the Book
The 3 tips and examples above are only the beginning of what Stacey Harmon’s book has to offer. Our review found it to be quick-to-read, easy-to-absorb, and completely actionable. We highly recommend it to any busy agent or broker who feels uncertain about their Facebook strategy. It might also make a nice Christmas gift for one of your REALTOR® colleagues.

Here’s how to get the book: The book can be purchased online


About Stacey Harmon
StaceyHarmon 2011 HiRes sqStacey Harmon is a Facebook expert whose company, Harmon EnterprisesHarmon Enterprises (, helps real estate professionals execute effective Facebook marketing strategies for their business.  Stacey has over 16 years of real estate industry experience, is an N.A.R. Realtor University Trainer, and speaks at brokerages and associations across the nation on Facebook Marketing and Social Media Strategy for real estate. 

You can connect with Harmon Enterprises on Facebook at Enterprises or Stacey on Twitter at @staceyharmon@staceyharmon.