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Three Traits For A Triumphant Twitter Trail

May 26 2010

As you might guess, it's getting harder to find. There's a lot of noise out in the ether, and, as it seems, a lot more Top Ten and Top FiveTop Five lists, some of which actually have value. Some which do not.

With all of these Top Ten and Five Best lists, I got an itching to create my own. So here are the Top Three Traits Needed to Create a Successful Social Media Presence:

1. Simplicity

2. Investment

3. Accessibility

  1. Simplicity – Just. Do It. It’s a Nike mantra and it needs to be your mantra too if you want to get into social media. Pick one (but no more than three) social media platforms and dive in. Create an account; setup a username, and start. Look to LinkedInLinkedIn for a more professional social media experience; look to FacebookFacebook for the broadest reach, and look to TwitterTwitter for easiest posting. Create a blogblog if you have something to say. And guess what? Everyone has something to say.
  2. Investment – So you’ve done it, have you? You wrote your first blog post or sent your first tweet? Great! Just don’t expect to show up on Google right away. Or even later this week. It takes effort and time. Social media is like exercising—a little bit of quality every day builds over time.
  3. Accessibility – Plan a holistic approach. If your niche is commercial real estate, don’t waste your time writing blogs about staging or the best gutter guards. Think about how your tweets or Facebook page will affect your brand image. Do you have a fun, upbeat, and young client base? You’d better write fun, upbeat tweets about things your young clients care about. Make sure your messages match your intentions within the market.

Social media is like driving: you can read all about it, but you won't really know it until you experience it.

Did I miss anything? Let me know!