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How to Boost Your Business When You Partner with a Builder

December 01 2020

You Can Grow Your Revenue Stream by Creating a Relationship with New Home Builders

delta boost business partner with builder 1Many would-be buyers begin their house hunt from existing housing inventory while others turn their homeownership dreams into reality with a custom-built home in their local communities.

When you partner with custom home builders, you open the door to a whole new revenue stream for your real estate business. Creating a working relationship with custom home builders is a win-win-win for you, the builder, and the home buyer.

At the same time, you add more value for buyers who've purchased land—streamlining their journey to the new home they want.

It also works in reverse: Your builder partner can refer their clients to you to help them acquire the land they need. Either way, you can earn a commission as clients go forward.

On top of a boost in revenue, you'll raise visibility for your land listings among buyers who urgently need them. Selling sales associates can also acquire more leads since builders often work with clients who need to sell an existing home to finance new construction.

delta boost business partner with builder 2

What Can Sales Associates Offer That Builders Need?

You might wonder – what motivates a builder to partner with one sales associate over another?

Many builders minimize uncertainty by working with the same title company and lender for every transaction. That helps ensure closing takes place on schedule and prevents them from absorbing carrying costs for completed stock.

The builder-sales associate relationship can be just as vital for sales associates willing to commit to one or more specific builders.

In any partnership, there needs to be a mutual commitment to promoting and benefiting the other party. Luckily, there are lots of ways sales associates can be indispensable to a chosen builder.

Sales associates are experts at "translating," so builders and buyers don't end up talking past each other. They ensure that buyers understand the terms of sale, then work with the builder to ensure everything is delivered as agreed.

Buyers love the chance to participate in the design and select finishes, but the fun stops if they feel misled. A sales associate orchestrates the process so all expectations are met.

The sales associate's role is even more visible in new home communities. Actively promoting a builder's community fosters rapport. That feeling of reciprocity can make it easier for your future clients to get special requests incorporated into their new builds.

delta boost business partner with builder 3

First Steps for Creating a Builder Partnership

Buyers of custom construction homes are often on their second or third property. You can maximize the value you offer by providing sales support for their existing home. This streamlines the transaction and benefits everyone involved by getting buyers to closing faster.

To make the biggest splash with a builder, get to know their offerings inside and out––literally.

Ask to visit recently-constructed homes, and those homes still in progress to get a sense of the process. Find out what the builder considers their key selling points so you can communicate them in ways that are truly meaningful for buyers.

Familiarize yourself with all the available floor plans and add-ons so you can match options to each buyer's needs.

Last but not least, interview builder representatives and find out the kinds of questions buyers have asked them in the past. Builders often look for partnerships with sales associates when they have been burned by unqualified buyers. By putting in face-time and doing your research, you will demonstrate to a prospective partner you're in this for the long haul.

New construction is a lucrative area where you can expect cycles of strong growth. Not only that, but it's also exciting and fun for sales associates and buyers alike.

Get Started Promoting Your Partnerships

Delta Media Group® has made it easy to feature home builders, their communities on your website. Spotlight the builders, their communities, and model homes you represent on your website using DeltaNET™️ 6 and its Builder Showcase feature. Add a detail page for each builder highlighting their company details, inventory listings, and open houses. Call special attention to model homes. Adding Google maps to these pages, your website visitors can find these communities and listings easily.

You'll be able to add floorplans, plat maps, brochures, and videos for potential buyers to view. Promote upcoming open houses on your website too. Find the right builder in your area, and your partnership could be the platform that brings you both to the next level.

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