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Friday Freebie: Guide to Homebuyer Personality Types (and How to Get Them to the Closing Table)

November 13 2020

Ever have a buyer client that you struggled to connect with? Maybe you had different styles of communication, or maybe there was just something you didn't "get" that you couldn't quite put your finger on.

Personality clashes happen, especially in a career as public-facing as real estate. However, the more you know about personality types, the better you'll know about what each type needs in a real estate agent. That's why in this week's Friday Freebie, we're highlighting a free guide to understanding and managing the different types of buyer personalities.

Free Guide: The Four Personality Types of Homebuyers, courtesy of BoomTown

ff boomtown personalitiesBoomTown tapped into the knowledge of real estate coach Debbie Holloway for insight into different buyer personality types and the best ways to engage with each one.

This free guide identifies four major personality types: Driver, Expressive, Analytica, and Amiable. From there, you'll learn:

  • The traits of each type
  • How to identify which personality your buyer has
  • Tips for working with each type, including do's and don'ts

Once you know which type of personality your buyer has, you'll be able to serve them better—and move them close to a closed transaction.

Ready to learn more about your buyers? Download your FREE copy of The Four Personality Types of Homebuyers now!