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What to Post During COVID? Do's and Don'ts for Social Media Right Now

November 10 2020

rbeast dos donts social media covidIt's no secret that a killer social media game should be an important part of every real estate agent's marketing strategy. However, as COVID-19 continues to sweep through the United States and in-person lead generation is cancelled, a robust social media presence is a must-have for real estate agents.

There are a lot of social media platforms, and each is a little bit different. However, some similar rules should govern your interaction with all. Get started on a social media strategy that's appropriate for current conditions with confidence using these do's and don'ts.

Do: Stay Consistent

We're sure you've heard this a hundred times before, and we'll say it a hundred times again—consistency is key to any social media presence. As your strategy expands, it's important for you to analyze your success and see what pieces of content work well for you and what things might not be a great fit for your business plan. Your analytics will only be valuable tools if there's enough data to make them viable. However, during these uncertain times, consistency is particularly important for your social media strategy. While you shouldn't overload your audience with information, giving useful information and your informed real estate opinion is a great way to add value for your clients and offer some calm.

Make sure that you don't experience content droughts by creating enough content for your followers. The optimum number of posts per week differs based on which social media platform you are using. However, you'll need to post at least once a week on each platform to engage your audience.

Do: Provide Content that Helps

It's probably not a great idea to totally inundate your follower base with coronavirus-based content 24/7. Everyone needs a break from the news! However, some education content with actionable advice for your clients will certainly be welcome. Now is a great time to start a blog in which you can share informed predictions.

Of course, you're welcome to share a some non-real estate related posts. Photos of the neighborhoods you work in and perhaps even takeout offered by local restaurants are great ways to both mix up your content and give potential clients a taste of your neighborhood's local flavor.

Here are some content ideas for your social media:

  • Featured listings - Even during this time, people are still hoping to make their moves. So, this type of post is important both during coronavirus conditions, and when the market does back to business as usual!
  • Neighborhood spotlight - If you can accomplish this in a contact-free way, show your clients why they'll love living in the areas you work!
  • Client success story - Don't just tell your clients that you're a great real estate agent. Hop on Skype with a former client, record your screen, and share clips with your current leads to let your clients speak for you.
  • A motivational quote that resonates with you - To fuel daily drive for you and your clients.
  • Repost a blog article you think might have value to your audience - Reposting is a great way to engage on your social network of choice and takes the burden of content creation off your shoulders for a few days a week.

Do: Explain the Ways Real Estate Agents Help

Now more than ever, it's important for renters and homebuyers to have a dedicated real estate agent on their team. Your advising, knowledge of the real estate market, and local expertise are invaluable during times of uncertainty. And, as stay-at-home orders ground flights and close small businesses, checking out the local neighborhood is less and less possible for hopeful leads.

So, make sure to use social media posts to explain how, as a local expert, you can help hopeful movers.

Do: Take This Time to Get Social Media Education

Chances are you're spending a lot of time at home. Learning and sharpening your real estate skills is a great way to decrease anxiety, have fun, and build a sustainable business.

At Rental Beast, we believe that agents of all levels should have accessible education during this difficult time. So, we're opening the doors to Rental Beast University, our interactive online education platform for all agents for free. Choose from a selection of on-demand webinar courses with proven records of success, including social media for real estate agents! And, if you haven't already built rentals into your business plan, now—as the sales cycle softens and apartments are able to rent sight-unseen—is a great time to start building rentals into your business plan.

Don't: Pretend It's Business as Usual

You might alienate your clients if you proceed like it's business as usual. Instead, acknowledge the unique challenges that those hoping to buy, sell, and rent real estate are currently facing. Try advertising any virtual showing potential or your ability to livestream a house tour.

Build a presence on social media networks that makes sense considering the current market conditions.

Don't: Share Sensationalist Content

There's a lot of crazy headlines out there. And, while you might want to share these headlines, they're better sent to your friends than your clients. Try to make sure that you can be a calm, rational voice in all this craziness. Instead, share relevant content that you think will help your clients in an actionable way.

Don't: Eliminate Lead Gen Activities

There are still movers. In particular, renters are still looking for homes. A recent survey made by rent café shows that the majority of renters are still looking to move once they find the right apartments. Fifty-two percent of renters still want to rent, and real estate agents can use social media to help locate clients looking for the right place.

Use these do's and don'ts for social media to build a strong strategy that will show your professionalism and capability, even during difficult times.

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