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Holiday Marketing Ideas to End Your Year Strong

November 09 2020

hdc holiday marketing ideas end year strongComing up with engaging holiday content doesn't have to be hard. Check out these topics and format ideas to come up with a holiday marketing campaign to keep your social media and email contacts engaged and drum up some end-of-year buyers and sellers!

Format Ideas

There are a lot of different ways to present the same information to your contacts, and I'm not just talking about text vs. video or images vs. eBooks. Try to utilize a good mix of content formats to appeal to a wider range of audiences. Some ways you can present your content include lists, polls, comparisons, FAQs, and interviews.


Many people are thinking ahead, wondering what a socially distanced Thanksgiving looks like. For many, it means a backyard with plenty of space for people to spread out. Start planning your marketing now to get people thinking about the value of a home with a large, outdoor entertaining space. Share tips and advice to set up a backyard feast and links to available homes with great backyards.

You can also stick to some of the subjects people wonder about every year: what restaurants will be open on the holiday, what are you thankful for, and what should they buy/make for dinner.

If you volunteer or participate in any local charitable events, be sure to share information about that as well. If you haven't taken this opportunity to give back to your community in the past, consider making this the year you start. Reach out to a local food bank and find out what you need to do to collect donations on their behalf. Use the opportunity to spread the word about the charity you're supporting while having a great reason to start a conversation with people in your contact list.


Christmas is one of the biggest marketing opportunities of the year, but because of the sheer amount of marketing happening, you have to make each of your messages count. Personal content is a good way to go, because it doesn't feel like marketing. Christmas cards are always popular – it's likely to make the mantel place and stay there for the rest of the year.

Christmas-themed polls can also be a fun way to connect. Ask social media followers what the best (or worst) gift they ever gave or received is. Run a poll asking responders to choose which gift they'd be most likely to regift. Find out where people who don't have fireplaces are hanging their stockings, and possibly slide in a link to a list of Santa-accessible homes.

Some other topics you could explore via social media or email include where locals can find a Christmas giving tree, places to donate or volunteer, Christmas recipes, and home/yard cold weather preparation tips.

There are many holidays before the year ends. Whichever ones you choose to build your marketing plan around, building a strong social media presence is a great way to create more lead opportunities.

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