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All Real Estate Is Local

December 22 2011

As you reflect on your real estate marketing for 2011, you might miss the forest for the trees: Even if you had a fairly active year in social networking, your activity might seem modest compared to others who are taking advantage of every tool the web has to offer. You know the feeling: Just when you get used to a gadget, application, etc., as a real estate marketing tool something else comes along that promises to grow your business even more efficiently. This is the up/downside of technology—trends develop almost too quickly for the average end-user to keep up.

This is why the holiday season is ideal for reflecting on the elements of your real estate marketing that don’t blow with the wind. Surely, there are a few top-of-mind examples, but the one that can’t be ignored is “community,” and that does not necessarily mean Facebook.

The real estate product, so to speak, is unlike other products in that it’s specific to a place. And most Realtors set up shop in a community that fuels their business by word of mouth and reputation. Therefore, the one constant in your marketing should be “community.” In other words, your web site can be optimized to a T, your Facebook page active and well-liked, and your ability to be contacted electronically reliable, but without your finger on the pulse of your service area you’ll have a major strike against you.

This doesn’t mean your online marketing is moot, it just means that your focus should be locally oriented. New listings and awards are great to promote on your blog and Facebook page, but what is your audience really searching for? Schools, employers, community events, public transportation and other quality of life details about a particular community. Therefore, instead of trying to wrap your mind about the finer details of online media marketing, hone in on your community and become an expert on it. There’s no better way to attract customers and there’s no better way to build your reputation.

Happy Holidays!

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