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How to Use Outsourcing to Reduce Your Workload

October 26 2020

The rebound in real estate markets nationwide has been challenging for many agents. Tight inventory and multiple offers in many places is the norm. Working with buyers and sellers during a pandemic adds a new, extra layer of effort. Having to work remotely adds even more challenges. It seems agents find themselves today working harder than ever.

How do you keep the quality of your work high and, at the same time, reduce your workload? Outsourcing is one option worth your consideration.

Here's how to figure out what you can – and should – be outsourcing.

Self-assessment test

The saying goes, "Do what you do best and outsource the rest." After all, everyone knows the tasks they love as well as the things they loathe.

laughter hubspotThe problem is, using this as a particular measurement to decide what you should be doing and what you should be outsourcing is not always in synch.

For example, some agents love to develop their marketing materials. The problem is the creation of marketing materials can consume a significant amount of time. It's also easy to outsource these activities.

By making an assessment, you can make the right decision. If you don't enjoy creating marketing material or are not particularly good at it, then you know outsourcing can be a great answer to reduce your workload.

If you enjoy these tasks, then you need to measure it. When you track your time, you can see what it takes to create marketing materials for each listing. How much total time is it taking to develop a property flyer, update your website with a single property listing page, and create a virtual tour?

Like most agents, you would be shocked as projects like these include tasks that can consume much more time than you expect. That's why you need to measure it before you decide.

Low-hanging fruit

In addition to marketing tasks, how does your client database look? Are you using a CRM or Customer Relationship Management software?

Hiring someone to pull together all of your contacts in one place can reduce your future workload. You will avoid scrambling to look for past client background information when they contact you as you will have it all in one place – just a click away.

How much time do you spend scheduling appointments with vendors to help your sellers? From arranging for professional photographers to stagers to inspectors, this is another area that can end up eating into your most productive time. Is there someone in your office that you can contract to help with these tasks? Another alternative is using a virtual assistant as this is the kind of ideal routine job that someone else can handle, even if they don't live where you do.

Looking at photography, are you still shooting your listing photos? Research says you shouldn't be. Listings with professional photography sell faster and can help increase your ability to win more listings in the future. Home listings with high-quality photography sell 32% more quickly than listings with poorly shot images, according to the Center for REALTOR® Development. Even though your smartphone takes great photos, there's no substitute for a professional photographer's skill when it comes to showcasing the most important part of your business.

A great way to outsource

If technology isn't your thing, and you have FREE access to Tech Helpline—as more than 60 percent of all Realtors in North America do!—this can be one of your best and most cost-effective ways to outsource!

help buttonTech Helpline can help you with every tech tool and nearly every software program you use every day. If you get a new smartphone or laptop, it's the first place you should contact. As a covered real agent or broker, you can ask Tech Helpline multiple questions about your tech challenges all on one call.

Most importantly, Tech Helpline can help you with other business tech needs beyond just helping you reset your Wi-Fi for a faster connection or help get your printer to print. You can get assistance from adding a background image or video for your next Zoom meeting to the ins and outs of connecting your social media accounts. There are so many things that Tech Helpline can help you with when it comes to all things technology related. Here's an article that shares more ways Tech Helpline can help you reduce your workload.

And if your Realtor association, MLS, or brokerage doesn't have Tech Helpline yet, encourage them to go online at and reach out to add this valuable member service.

Tricia Stamper is Director of Technology at Florida Realtors®, which owns and operates Tech Helpline and Form Simplicity.