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Getting Your Client Back On Track In The New Year

December 21 2011

So, like every other year, we fully expect there to be an influx of new inventory to appear on the market in early 2012. During your clients busy holiday season their mind might not be fully focused on real estate.



The last thing those buyers need while getting over the haze of the holidays is a ton of new inventory to distract them. It will be easy for them to get overwhelmed. So, to be the resourcebe the resource they’re counting on be sure to use the quick tips down below.

First Things First

first things first 570x377

It seems so logical, but after the holidays your client’s head can be a bit fuzzy. So, before you get started back up with your client review their Must Have List. They Do have one right? If not now is a great time to put one together.

Helping your client get organized is a great way to start the New Year house hunting off right. They’re going to want to isolate 5-8 key factors they’re looking for in there first or next home. Try not to go crazy with it, but this will give you a fabulous list to cross-reference with all those new homes.

In addition to going over what the client wants in a home, make sure you refresh that Pre-Approval Letter. The last thing you want to see is your client lose their minds over a home they can’t buy.

With fluctuation in rates, and possible changes in employment/income, you’re going to want to make sure the client has fresh approval from their lender of choice. If the lender already has an established file on your client the process shouldn’t  take longer than 15 minutes.

Photos, Video Tours And Crown Molding, Oh My

shocked 570x570

Wait... The video tour is how long...?

The internet has become an absolutely incredible tool for real estate search. Your clients can view more properties than ever, without even putting on pants. But, for the tech initiated and uninitiated alike, this is a prime opportunity for you to educate your clients.

During this process you’re going to want to direct them to the most reputable sources for real estate search. If you’re an agent that utilizes Zillow or Trulia reviews, this is also a great time to get them familiar with those sites. So, after the transaction it is easy for them to jump back on those sites and brag on their tech savvy agent.

While you’re helping them navigate through the jungle of online property search, now is a good time to remind them not to get hung up on aesthetics. Without question some homeowners are better decorators than others. Some are better painters than others too.

So, during the home shopping process be sure to remind your clients that it should take more than a beautifully painted room to seal the deal. Even if they love the crown molding in the kitchen, be ready to point out the home doesn’t meet a single criteria on their Must Have List. Also remind them that they can add crown molding to that home that really fits their dream.

We all want the best for our clients, which sometimes makes it hard to remind them of the basics. You don’t want to sound like a nag, I get it. But, as you know, often times the client doesn’t know best, and you need to be there to remind them.

Besides, you’re doing it out of love, and because you care. Remind them you’re there to help them get the most out of their home buying experience, and they’re sure to follow suit.

What other tips do you have for getting clients back on track?

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