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Five Fall Photo Faux Pas

October 09 2020

hdc five fall photo faux pasMost people won't hop in a car and drive out to see a listing until they've already examined it online and determined they like it. That's why it's important to take plenty of great photos of your listing. The quality and quantity of your images can have a big impact on how desirable buyers find your listing.

Equally important is the content of your photos. Make sure you make a great first impression to attract more showings by taking care of these fall staging essentials before you send out your photographer.

1. Don't Hide Defects

If your listing has structural problems or areas that need repair, don't try to sweep them under the rug. Be up front about the issues and include a photo of the damage so that buyers interested in the property after seeing it online won't be taken aback when they visit it in person. If the damage can be repaired before you take the listing photos, even better! Encourage the seller to make essential repairs as soon as possible.

2. Don't Overlook the Clutter

Everyday life requires a certain number of cotton swabs, takeout menus, and remote controls. That doesn't mean you should let the evidence of these items show up in your listing photos. Have your clients clear out anything that could be seen as clutter – if needed, suggest they tone back on the decorations as well. You don't want your clients' personal possessions to distract from their home.

3. Don't Forget the Storage

Large walk-in closets, kitchen pantries, and garages with plenty of shelves are all valuable selling points of a home. Ask your clients to clear out these spaces so that you can photograph them and show off the excellent storage space the home offers.

4. Don't Ignore the Little Details/Small Problems

Little problems like a porch light with flaking paint or oil spots on the driveway can distract sellers from the positive features you want them to notice, make your listing look unpolished, and can even be a potential safety hazard. Luckily, most issues like these are easy to fix. Make a list of quick, easy repairs or updates your clients can make so your listing photos can really shine.

5. Don't Get Too Personalized

Staging your photos with eclectic furniture, your favorite colors, or a special theme may push away buyers who have different design tastes. Stick to neutral colors, remove personal photos, and keep your furniture and decorative choices simple so that buyers visiting the house can envision their own possessions in the space.

For more staging tips, download a free copy of The Homeowner's Guide to Staging. This brandable guide includes specific staging tips for spring, summer, fall, and winter, along with 10 staging essentials your clients should know before their listing hits the market!

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