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Our Top 10 Most Read Articles of September

October 02 2020

autumnLast month was a whirlwind for real estate agents, with homes selling faster in September than in August for the first time in four years. Meanwhile, home price growth is setting record highs, while inventory levels are dropping to new lows. That means fewer homes are on the market, but the commissions are more lucrative.

In September, RE Technology readers dove into content that helped them get in on the action. Articles about how to convincingly communicate with seller leads (#1), understand what consumers are looking for (#5), upping your game with coaching (#7) all made the list of our most-read posts of the month.

Realtors found time for fun, too, with articles about memes (#3) and real estate "porn" (#2) dominating the top of our list. And let's not forget the all-important safety tips for Realtor Safety Month. Check out article #9 for potentially live-saving safety advice you can rely on all year-round.

For everything else, check out the full top 10 articles of September 2020 below:

1. Are You Unknowingly Encouraging Sellers to List as FSBOs?
‍A recent Facebook post by a top-producing agent read: "I recommend that all sellers try for sale by owner." I couldn't believe it when I read it, so I read it twice. Yep, that's what it said alright. It just didn't use those words.

2. Real Estate Porn and Floor Plans
These days, it's all about real estate porn. Like almost every other adult I know, I am more than a little addicted to looking at other people's houses. Given the opportunity, I could easily burn a couple of hours dreaming about that NYC loft, that stone cottage, or that mid-mod houseboat, à la Sleepless in Seattle.

3. 16 of the Best Real Estate Memes of All Time
‍Real estate agents and bloggers are no strangers to memes. There are so many facts (and often pet peeves) about the working life of an agent or a Realtor. To express them, only a meme can do justice. Let's review some of the best real estate memes of all time.

4. How to Take Professional Photos on Your iPhone or Android Phone
Want to market your property like a professional but can't find (or get access to) a good photographer? Or maybe you're simply looking for an innovative way to take real estate photos yourself and save a few dollars. Well, get excited because today, we're going to teach you how to shoot real estate like a professional using only your smartphone!

*5. 3 Things Today's Consumers Expect from Real Estate Agents
‍The type of qualities good agents bring to the table are just as valuable to clients today as they were 10 or 20 years ago. The only difference is how they prove these things to prospects. Here's a look at what consumers expect from real estate agents today—and how to ensure you're the one they chose to work with.

6. Friday Freebie: The 'Secret Sauce' to Online Lead Generation
Are your lead generation efforts leaving you hungry for better results? Maybe you're putting in too much work for too little reward, or maybe your campaigns just aren't coming together the way you envisioned. Whatever the case, we've got the recipe to spice up your sales funnel.

7. 5 of the Best Real Estate Coaches in the Business
‍If you value continued education and training in the real estate field, coaching is one of your best avenues to attain that. Begin your journey of growing your business, and furthering your real estate knowledge today by considering one of these top coaches to guide you.

8. Video for Real Estate Agents: What to Do If You're Camera Shy
‍Videos are great ways to connect with your audience, build trust, and establish a professional online presence. But, if you're camera shy, it can make it tough to create content. While you work on feeling more comfortable around the camera, don't lose out on business! Check out these video tips for real estate agents.

9. 5 Resources for Realtor Safety Month
Real estate agents face unique safety issues while performing their jobs. Meeting potential buyers, some of them unfamiliar, presents an inherent potential for danger. The real estate industry has taken steps to help emphasize safety and educate agents on ways they can create a work environment that's less threatening. Here are resources that can help.

10. 3 Easy Ways to Help Your Clients Get Comfortable with eSigning
As a real estate agent, how can you help clients who distrust technology during a time when technology is powering the real estate industry in all new ways? One of the easiest ways to help clients get more comfortable with technology is to explain the benefits of the technology to them or the WIFM: "What's in it for me?"