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Book Review: “Blueprint for 100 Deals”

December 20 2011

We recently had the opportunity to review “Blueprint for 100 Deals or More than $1 Million Per Year in Income” by Alan Shafran and Rick Bengson. The book promises “the exact systems and technology to sell 100+ homes every year – no matter the market.” Certainly an attractive proposition! But does the book have the potential to deliver? We think it could – as long as the reader has something even more important: the motivation and commitment to success. The tips in the book are good, but they will only work if the agent or broker has a passionate drive to grow their business.

Keys to 100
Throughout the book, certain phrases have a key icon next to them. These are the points that the authors believe are the essentials for earning your 100 deals. They’ve also set down these keys in the back of the book for easy reference. This collection of key points is the best part of the book.

Obviously we can’t give them all, but here are a few examples of what you’ll find:

  1. As a real estate professional, your ego can be your downfall. Check it at the door.
  2. Lead a team or join a team – either way, it's going to take other people to be successful.
  3. The top 3 seller complaints are:
    1. The agent doesn't return phone calls
    2. The agent doesn't call unless we call first
    3. We don't know what the agent is doing to sell our properties
  4. Understand which marketing tools are effective. According to the authors, these are approximate rankings (from 1 to 5)
    1.   Word of mouth = 4.52
    2. Personal sales = 4.05
    3. Email = 3.72
    4. Direct mail = 2.89
    5. Signage = 2.33
    6. Telemarketing = 2.04
  5. Alan Shafran says, "Before every listing presentation, I would write a big zero on a piece of paper, then draw an anti-sign across it. This reminded me that if I didn't take that listing now, I had zero percent chance of the homeowners calling me back later – It's all or nothing."

Benefits of Technology
One of the major themes in the book is the importance of technology. As the CEO and co-founder of a technology company (Showing Suite), Rick Bengson has a unique perspective on the role technology plays in the success of REALTORS®. He shared the following with us.

“Leveraging technology efficiently is replacing manual tasks with those that can be replaced by software and hardware,” Rick says. “It must save time and/or do the task better than a manual process. Agents need to be careful though that they don’t replace their client “touches” that build and solidify the relationships that transpire into transactions. This should be done by the agent through an educational conversation with the client. “

“In general with real estate technology, be careful just because it a technology that pertains real estate doesn’t mean that you need it. There is a data analysis overload I believe is starting to happen and agents should not be data analysts, they need to contact prospects, build relationships for a first transaction and subsequent one’s for that clients real estate needs and referrals.  If it touches your client educate them about it. Only buy proven technology from established companies as they will be holding and backing up your data. Only buy it if you or your staff will absolutely implement as part of your systems.”


Get the Book
The paperback and Kindle edition can both be purchased at via More information on the Blueprint For 100 Deals book can be found at http://www.blueprintfor100deals.com

About Alan and Rick

alan headshot

Alan Shafran - Alan Shafran has been Licensed and Selling homes since 1988 and ranked as Prudential CA Realty's #1 top producer for over 10 years and consistently in the top 1% of the nation's real estate professionals. Shafran’s expertise includes relocation sales, estate sales, and sales to first time buyers. Shafran also currently heads The Alan Shafran Group, a team of top Prudential agents in San Diego and is co-founder of Showing Suite, Inc. Previously, Shafran has also worked for investment company, PaineWebber where he gained a strong financial background by managing $80 million in assets.


Rick Bengson - Rick Bengson graduated from Northern Illinois University and attended Western State University of Law. He has been the Broker/Owner of RealPro Real Estate Consultants, Inc. since 1999 where he specialized in residential real estate sales and real estate development throughout San Diego County. Bengson holds a current California Department of Real Estate Brokers License and has sold more than 800 homes throughout San Diego County. Bengson is also the CEO and co-founder of Showing Suite, Inc.