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Effective Real Estate Marketing in the COVID Era

September 09 2020

COVID getting you down? This blog post gives you real estate marketing ideas to keep your sales numbers up and make this unique time work for you.

P.S. Make sure to read 'til the end as there is a free giveaway!

Use your smartphone to take amazing photos

Sure, nothing might ever truly beat a professional real estate photographer, but when time, budget, and restrictions are holding you back, there are options. You can get creative and try some DIY tricks that will deliver high quality imagery that sells.

Get your tenants, your staff, or even yourself involved, as there's no experience necessary to achieve great photos, just some know-how. Use this handy Pre-Photography Checklist to make sure the home is as ready as possible for the shoot, and so that less item removal and photo editing is necessary. You can then take photos with a smartphone using a HDR bracketing app to get shots that closely match DSLR. Follow these step-by-step instructions. Use HDR image enhancement editing to finalise shots that sell a home.

Trial new furnishings

Filling your home with stylish furniture first catches attention and then allows buyers to visualise themselves in a home. Virtual Staging is a fraction of the cost of physical staging and will sell your property 75% faster than if left empty or with unappealing furniture.

If you've got a fixer-upper, you can also show the potential of a property with Virtual Renovation.

The ethics of managing buyers' expectations are not forgotten. There is the capability to watermark Virtual Staging and Virtual Renovation images naming the edits undertaken, whilst showing off options, giving your property a virtual makeover.

boxbrownie 2020 0908 VirtualStaging

Refresh your advertising with a new angle

If your home has been on the market for a while, refresh your listing. Add some new photos. If you can't get to the property, or don't want to pay your photographer for new snaps, the owner or tenants can take photos as detailed above. Even rotating the photo order can help.

Try a different hero shot, as that first showcase image might need a tweak. Put a different exterior image through a Day to Dusk twilight conversion edit and test what generates interest.

Try virtual staging for free is currently offering a free virtual staging edit (valued at $32) to every RE Technology member (new accounts only). This offer expires on September 30. Click here to claim your free virtual staging edit.