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Lessons Learned in 2011: Always Have a Greeting on Your Voicemail

December 18 2011

It has been a big year for RE Technology! We’ve reached some major milestones (2 million page views in 30 days), gained some incredible new contributors (like Nicole Nicolay, Maya Paveza, The Ticker Show, and Austin Allison), and we’ve learned a lot. So, we’re beginning a new series of articles about some of the little tidbits we’ve picked up over the last year – simple, actionable advice that we’ve been filing away throughout 2011.

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Always Have a Voicemail Greeting
Our advice today comes from Melissa McHone, Sales Director at RE Technology. She spends so many hours of her life on the phone that she has become an expert. One of her pet peeves is the lack of a voicemail greeting.

“It can be frustrating when you get the whole generic, ‘You’ve reached 555-5555’ thing,” says Melissa. “I always wonder, ‘Do I have the right number?’ It makes me hesitant to leave a message. That’s not a good thing for real estate agents – you might even lose a potential customer that way.”

Your greeting doesn’t need to be long. Consider something like:

“You’ve reached [your name] of [your company]. Your inquiry is important to me. Please leave your name, phone number, and a brief message. I’ll return your call as soon as I am able. You can view my available properties at [your website].”

More Lessons Learned
Stay tuned for our next lesson learned: always have a phone number on your website.