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Dotloop Users Have Until Thursday to Opt-Out of Data Sharing with Zillow and Others

July 14 2020

dotloop logo blueDotloop is set to change its privacy policy this Friday, and brokerages and agents who don't want their data shared need to opt out by July 16.

According to its newly updated privacy policy, the Zillow-owned transaction management platform will begin sharing aggregated transaction data going back as far as January 1, 2016 with third parties beginning July 17. You can read the most relevant portion of this policy below:

We may share information provided to us on or after January 1, 2016 with Zillow Group and its subsidiaries (“Affiliate Sharing”). We or these affiliates may use the information we collect for our internal purposes, for example, to understand and gain insight into trends in the real estate market and to improve our home valuation models. These insights are applied at an aggregate level; neither we nor our affiliates will use data from individual transactions or properties to obtain leverage regarding specific transactions or inform decisions about individual properties. If you have registered for a user account (a “Registered User”), you can opt out of Affiliate Sharing by emailing us at [email protected] As a Registered User, you control the sharing permissions applicable to your view of your loop(s); other participants in the same loop(s) may make different choices regarding whether to share their loop views, which may contain similar or duplicative information. If you opt out of Affiliate Sharing prior to the Effective Date of this policy, none of your information will be shared with our affiliates; if you opt out after the Effective Date, your choice will be effective only for information you provide after you opt out.

How to Opt Out

dotloop data sharing bye feliciaIf you'd like to opt out of Dotloop's sharing your data, act fast! As stated in the quoted policy above, if you opt out by THIS THURSDAY, July 16, you can prevent Dotloop from sharing data going back to 2016. If you opt out after the deadline, Dotloop will share over four years of your past data and only opt you out of sharing future data.

Email [email protected] by July 16 to opt out of data sharing. Be sure your message explicitly states that you'd like to opt out of "Affiliate Sharing" (Dotloop's term) immediately. This will help protect past, current, and future clients' information.

Next Steps

If you'd like to give Dotloop a hearty "Bye, Felicia" and move on to a transaction management solution that WON'T share your data, check out our Product Directory. There, you can learn about dozens of transaction management platforms that will keep your data safe.