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Inside Real Estate Acquires dashCMA to Further Expand Their kvCORE Platform

July 13 2020

vl ire DashCMAIn a press release last month, Inside Real Estate, makers of the kvCORE platform, announced the purchase of dashCMA. Unless you are operating in California or Nevada, you may not have seen dashCMA. But RE Technology has, and rest assured you will be very happy to see this new CMA become available in your market to differentiate your listing presentation from other competitors in the market.

The beauty of a great CMA is supporting the Realtor in conveying a clear story about the market and their specific pricing approach to buyers and sellers. Unfortunately, there haven't been great options available for agents to do this in a simple and effective way. Most CMAs today feel seriously outdated, consisting of lengthy PDFs with little to no client interaction. They are clunky and time consuming to produce, too.

dashCMA is a modern take on the CMA. It launched in Southern California where competition is fierce, and the high price of housing puts a premium on the quality of information that consumers expect from their agent. Driven by this understanding, and the necessity to quickly and effectively establish trust with buyers and sellers around pricing, dashCMA was born.

The product competes with players like Cloud CMA and MoxiPresent, although it stands out due its interactive dashboard that allows agents to change comps and toggle the impact of specific features in real time. It's a drastically new approach to the decades old pricing conversation. Thanks to features like client engagement tracking (seeing when, where, and how the client interacted with the report), dashCMA helps ensure no deal is ever lost over pricing.

dashCMA was developed as a standalone end-point solution positioned to scale one MLS at a time. Thanks to Inside Real Estate's extensive MLS footprint through their kvCORE platform, dashCMA will now be made available in just about every MLS market in the nation in short order, and will have deep integration into kvCORE.

Inside Real Estate will be adding dashCMA into their Marketplace where agents can add the product via a subscription. Brokers who are on kvCORE today should call about group pricing.

One of the exciting opportunities for both Inside Real Estate and dashCMA to think about is the role that CMA plays in the enterprise workflow environment powered by machine learning and automation which their kvCORE platform specializes in. dashCMA founder Karen Abram mentioned that connecting the CMA tool to something like lead generation has the opportunity to dramatically change the process. Consumers can inquire about a listing and receive an automated CMA about that property before the agent has a chance to call the customer back. Moreover, kvCORE can automate the process of scheduling a call with the customer after the CMA has been viewed or leverage other tools like a BombBomb video if the consumer does not open the email. The opportunities are pretty endless when you get beyond integration points that are limited to API and SSO. We look forward to seeing how this all comes together.

This is a really exciting time in real estate technology as hot tools like dashCMA and BombBomb get fully integrated into powerful platforms like kvCORE. It's truly a win for brokerages and their agents. Congratulations to the team at Inside Real Estate and dashCMA.