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5 Fun and Easy Video Content Ideas to Try Today

July 06 2020

rentalbeast video content ideas from home 1With stay-at-home orders back in place in many places and a rocky road to re-opening ahead, real estate agents are adapting to the conditions and working with tech to keep business and cash-flow consistent. The video sharing platform YouTube was launched only 15 years ago, but with over 2 billion users, it's already one of the most popular social media sites and can be a powerful weapon for a real estate agent to add to their arsenal.

In a highly visual world, watching a short video can communicate much about your brand. However, we're not all digital natives. Before you pull out the camera, get started by creating a content calendar filled with content that your potential clients will actually want to watch. Here are some video content ideas that real estate agents can use right now to build your credibility and get leads.

Before you start, don't forget these super important ground rules!

Practice, Practice, Practice - Try to temper your nerves by doing a couple of practice runs. Rehearse in front of a mirror first for a few times before getting in front of a lens. It's all right if your first tries don't go exactly the way you want. Don't stress—consider them as just more practice runs! The more video content you film, the more comfortable you become. We promise.

Have Fun! - Of course you're a friendly, amiable person—you're a real estate agent! But it might be a struggle to convey all of this in front of the camera. Here's a quick secret: try to have fun. Your viewers will respond to your energy. If you can keep up a good level of enthusiasm, your potential clients will respond in kind. We don't have to tell you that the real estate business is the business of relationship, so show what entering into a professional relationship with you would look like.

Get to Know Your Equipment - Cameras and video editing suites like iMovie can be easy to operate, but if you have no knowledge of them, it's easy to feel out of your depth. YouTube has a lot of easy-to-follow tutorials that will get you up to speed on the latest best practices. iMovie is not difficult to pick up and watching 20 minutes of tutorials is time well spent.

Keep it Quick - Think short and sweet. Just like you, your clients are busy and won't have time to sit through hours of content. Incorporate a few longer pieces—a conversation between you and a another real estate agent where you break down market conditions, for example—but don't push yourself to extend content. A few minutes to show off your neighborhood or do a listing walkthrough is enough.

YouTube Content Idea for Real Estate Agents 1: Neighborhood explorations

rentalbeast video content ideas from home 2

The goal of neighborhood explorations is to show yourself as a neighborhood and area expert ready to guide a newcomer to an area that they'll love. You can still make this content if your neighborhood is under lockdown orders—you'll just have to take increased safety precautions.

Sell your area as well as your listing. Let the viewer follow you around as you soak up the local atmosphere, get a cup of coffee, or do some shopping so they can envision themselves doing the same. It'll be like Google Street View, only better.

Quick Set-Up Ideas:

  • Begin in your car or at your home, speak about the benefits of the neighborhood.
  • Show the viewer your journey to the neighborhood spot.
  • If you're able to safely enter and purchase something from the store, go ahead and buy something you love. If you can't, spend a little bit of time letting your client know the store's offerings.

YouTube Content Idea for Real Estate Agents 2: Listings walkthroughs

Listing walkthroughs are a great way to show your listings and generate more interest. In typical market conditions, videos can help a viewer envision themselves in the space and can provide a refreshing variation from the usual slew of social media photos. With COVID, virtual walkthroughs are often the only way a potential client can see a listing. So take this content seriously.

Quick Set-Up Ideas:

  • Walk through your listings
  • Show the home's or building's amenities
  • End by encouraging your viewers to contact you if they think this listing is right for them.

YouTube Content Idea for Real Estate Agents 3: Q&A

Solicit questions from your clients and answer them in detail. Is no one asking you questions? Don't wait for adoring fans to flood your mailbox. Ask yourself questions. What would you want to know the answer to? What questions do you get asked on showings? Challenge yourself to come up with a brief, helpful answer on film.

YouTube Content Idea for Real Estate Agents 4: Connect with other pros

rentalbeast video content ideas from home 3

Two heads (or more!) are better than one. Join forces with another real estate agent for a collaborative video where the two of you can discuss real estate trends, the life of a real estate agent, tips for renting or buying, or major red flags to watch out for.

The goal of this is to simultaneously create partnerships with other real estate agents and generate leads with your deep insight and knowledge of the real estate market.

Quick Set-Up Ideas:

  • Introduce your guest on the channel.
  • Choose two talking points that the two of you can discuss.
  • Have a natural discussion.

YouTube Content Idea for Real Estate Agents 5: Real estate forecast and report

Right now, uncertainty is pervasive and scary. Real estate agents have the power to become a powerful source of calm. What do you see in cards for the market? What amenities are becoming increasingly popular? Share your expertise on the real estate market to position yourself as a knowledgeable thought leader and a reliable source of information. Also, think about the type of information you present. How are you collecting your news? Who is your target audience and what do they want to know from you? If your client base seems to consist of young renters, perhaps a report of rental prices in your neighborhood might be beneficial.

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