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Top Real Estate Website Issues and How to Fix Them

June 23 2020

rna website issues how fix them 1Creating a real estate website nowadays can be easy, if you have the right set of tools. A specialized platform for real estate with IDX features helps pave the path toward a converting website.

But once we have our website up and running, we might face some issues down the road. These issues can affect our marketing and lead generation. Some of these hurdles are very technical and can take some time to cope with on your own. Technical SEO issues can be outsourced, so the website admin can focus on the actual business of generating and converting leads to clients.

Most common issues, however, can be taken care of on your own without the need to be tech savvy. Here are five common issues with real estate estate websites and how to fix them:

1. My Website Is Very Slow

This is a common problem for most websites and there might be a handful of causes for it. Here is a list of common causes of a slow website:

rna website issues how fix them 2

There are so many free and premium tools to analyze this, but the most reliable one is Google Page Speed tool. Find out what the underlying cause is and refer to the table above for solutions.

2. I Have Problems with Displaying Listings

This is an issue that can sabotage the core functionality of a real estate website. Viewing listings can be the main reason most folks visit your website. If you can't display listings conveniently, these could be one of the underlying reasons:

rna website issues how fix them 3

3. People Cannot Find Me on Google

This one here is basically what SEO activities are made to deal with. You find out that no matter what is searched, your website is not on the first page of Google results.

Let's check out what could be behind this:

rna website issues how fix them 4

4. People Won't Stay on My Website

This is what SEO experts call a high bounce rate. In other words, visitors come to your website, but they leave your website immediately (or bounce). Here are a few reasons why:

rna website issues how fix them 5

You can always check the bounce rate of your content and pages through Google Analytics.

5. I Have So Many Irrelevant Visitors to My Website (Low Quality Leads)

Real estate businesses deal with a large amount of deals who are looking for a property or a service. If you don't optimize your lead generation approaches, you will end up with so many people calling you for services you don't offer or properties you don't work with. This is usually because:

rna website issues how fix them 6

To learn more about how to target and optimize your keywords, please check out the following article: Top Real Estate Keywords 2020.

What Is Next?

Identifying these issues and resolving them will have a positive impact on your lead generation and conversion.

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