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Top 10 Articles about Sales

December 12 2011

Our “Top 10” series was just so popular during the Thanksgiving holiday; we had to bring it back. Today, we’re focusing on our top articles about sales and marketing. These are articles that answer those oh-so-important questions: How do I sell my listings more quickly? How do I market my services more effectively? And, ultimately, how do I grow my business?

1) 3 Ways to Sell . . . for People Who Hate Sales
I recently read an article on called “6 Ways to Sell Without Selling Your Soul.” It was an awesome article, one that I think has some definite benefit for real estate agents. I’m going to share 3 tactics, ways that those of you who hate sales can still grow your business.

2) 4 Steps to a Perfect Elevator Pitch
Start-ups and inventors are very familiar with the phrase “elevator pitch.” Even as a REALTOR®, you should be too. After all, an “elevator pitch” is really as simple as the answer to this question: “What do you do?” It’s a 30 second summary – not just of your profession, but what sets you apart in it. Perfect this, and you’ll be gaining a valuable tool in growing your business.

3) Four Tips for Winning a Listing
Every real estate agent develops their own mojo when they are doing a listing presentation. Success comes from confidence and preparedness. But for some, the process creates a lot of anxiety because they do not have a plan.

4) Overcoming the Fear of Selling (Part 1 of 2)
It is always interesting to watch the room full of real estate agents when you bring up sales tactics like door knocking or cold calling. Most agents adamantly dodge direct sales like the plague. It begs the question: are most sales repeat and referral because we do not prospect like sales people? Unfortunately, failure to prospect new customers means you get very few of them.

5) 8 Tips for Overcoming the Fear of Selling (Part 2 of 2)
Last week, we talked about the fear of selling and how agents fail when it comes to prospecting tactics in real estate like cold calling and door knocking. (You can read last week's article if you missed it.) Sure, social networking, referrals and word-of-mouth advertising are always important as an agent, but nothing is more effective than hunting for your next sale.

6) The Secret to Converting "Sign Calls"
It happens millions of times a day. A consumer picks up the phone or sends an email to a REALTOR® with a question about a property. Are you prepared? Do you have a plan to talk to this potential client? Most real estate sales professionals do not. So let's put one together. Even if you think that you are great at converting leads, read on. Perhaps you may pick up an extra idea. If you are a rock star, leave a comment down below and let us know what we missed.

7) An Agent is a Salesperson
Sometimes I think that real estate agents forget that they are salespeople. They get stuck in service mode and forget that they “eat what they kill.” For some reason, agents can find selling distasteful. They are either afraid to ask for the business or simply hate selling.

8) Sell More, with Less Words
It's true. The best advice I ever got as a salesperson was to shut up. Too often we tend to think a moment of silence is only for funerals or church, but one of the keys to making more sales is to quickly make your point, ask for the sale, and then be quiet. Nine times out of ten, the first person to speak owns what you are selling. If it's you, then you are still stuck with what you wanted to sell, and that's not who you wanted to buy what you are selling, is it?

9) Floor Calls - The Most Wasted Lead Generation Tool Available to Agents
According to what I have read, the national average of floor calls converted to customers is a whopping 2%. You ready that right, 2% of the consumers who call a Real Estate office are converted to a customer.

10) Real Estate Sales: How To Get An “A+” In Building Client Trust
Shadow inventory, distressed properties, and volatile markets—all reasons that Real Estate buyers can feel uncertain about their decision to purchase a particular property, in a specific neighborhood, or anything at all. Your Agents have their fingers on the pulse of their markets, but how do they instill confidence in their clients that they are making a sound buying decision and trust their Real Estate Agent is providing knowledgeable market advice?