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Jump into Digital Marketing Right Now to Fill that Buyer Funnel

May 15 2020

As agents prepare to safely get back to business, BOOST from Property Panorama may be the best option to maximize efficiency, quality, conversion, and price

When you think of Property Panorama, you think of virtual tours. This company has created more virtual tours for real estate properties than any other company for more than a decade. Their secret sauce is the relationship with multiple listing services, whereby every new or updated listing is automatically (or automagically) converted into a virtual tour and emailed to the agent. Agents pay small fees if they want fancier tours, but otherwise there is no fee to the agent.

pp jump into digital marketing 1

BOOST Listing Campaign

What you may not know about Property Panorama is that they launched a very competitive way to digitally advertise that virtual tour through a premium service that they call BOOST Listing Campaign. If you have boosted a post on Facebook, you get the idea.

The difference here is that BOOST is an omni-channel advertising service that syndicates your ad through advertising channels that few agents or even brokers have budgets large enough to access. Most of the enterprise advertising solutions require budgets of more than $50,000 per month, but the good part is that the ads not only go to places anyone can advertise on, like Facebook or Google, but places that only enterprise marketers can reach like,, and the like. By aggregating advertising across tens of thousands of agents, Property Panorama is able to open your access to these advanced and lower cost programs.

BOOST Agent Campaign

Don't forget to market yourself as a Realtor! If you are a buyer's agent or find yourself without a listing to market right now, market yourself. The BOOST Agent Campaign works just like the BOOST Listing Campaign.

To take advantage of these campaigns, you do not need to know much more than how much you want to spend. Set your budget and Property Panorama does all of the work for you and provides you with a report on the number of times your ad was viewed (impressions) and the number of clicks you got (click-though rate). Because Property Panorama already has the listing information and your headshot and logo, there is nothing for you to do.

pp jump into digital marketing 2

Of course, Property Panorama can answer any question that you may have or provide a demonstration. Give Property Panorama a chance to help you grow your prospect list so that you can emerge triumphantly when you are able to get back to work. Here is a 15-minute video that explains the program in greater detail: