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RealX Offers Agents Access to a $3 Billion Opportunity

April 28 2020

realx landsurveyWhen markets -- or entire economies -- slow, stall or shift, then the experts who power those industries have a choice: They can focus all their resources on maintaining the status quo and hope that things return to normal eventually, or they can explore new opportunities and expand their role. Real estate agents who are interested in moving forward can tap into the massive opportunity presented to real estate property rights, which generates $100 billion annually, generating a potential $2-3 billion in annual commissions.

Property rights include surface rights, subsurface rights, air rights, and other rights that landowners can sell to interested companies. RealX is America's first and largest property rights online exchange, connecting landowners with companies in energy (which seek solar, wind, oil and gas rights), communications (which want to build cellular towers), building materials (timber), agriculture (farming or ranch land), and many others.

In a time when many agents are dealing with shelter-in-place or stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus pandemic, property rights are an especially attractive possibility because some rights transactions can be completed without a single in-person meeting.

A new source of commission income during the slowdown

Because RealX has digitized the property rights marketplace, many subsurface right transactions can be completed seamlessly.

Typical surface right transactions for solar, wind, timber and cellular towers include an initial "walk" of the property. But deals continue to close today using a Letter of Intent, and a property walk will happen when allowed.

Property rights marketplace

RealX online exchange features three kinds of property rights: surface rights, subsurface rights and air rights.

An example of surface rights is when landowners lease use of their land for solar, wind, timber, water, cellular towers, pipelines, billboards, power transmission lines — and a host of other things that the landowner is allowing on the surface of their property.

Subsurface rights include oil and gas, gravel, sand, minerals and other aggregates underneath the land's surface. Subsurface rights are typically leased or sold, depending on the property right in question.

RealX typically works best for your clients who own parcels of land with 10 acres or more, and all of these rights provide a passive income opportunity for landowners.

Check it out for free; pay when a deal closes

Most importantly, there is no cost for anyone to register on the RealX exchange and no monthly fee. RealX charges a success-based marketing fee: landowners only pay when a transaction is final. If property rights listed on RealX do not sell, RealX does not get paid.

Making it easy for agents

RealX helps landowners answer four crucial questions:

  • How do I market my property rights for my land?
  • What are the revenue opportunities available for my land?
  • How do I ensure that my land is seen by the broadest number of buyers?
  • How do I know I am working with trustworthy people?

Buying property rights or interests listed on the RealX Exchange is quick and easy. The average transaction takes approximately 30 to 45 days from the time of submitting an offer to closing. The exact length of time varies based on the agreement reached between the parties and the due diligence period.

Most importantly, RealX provides you with all of the information and support you need to close a property rights transaction. In addition to a robust but easy-to-use online exchange, RealX provides live experts who can answer your questions and help you finalize your deals successfully.

Keep in mind that RealX is an online exchange, and that means it does not represent the buyer or the seller in any transaction. Instead, RealX houses the information to help connect landowners with those looking to purchase or acquire such rights.

How to join RealX

realxRegistration is available at, where we also provide additional information about how the RealX exchange can help real estate agents and the landowners they represent. There is absolutely no obligation once someone registers. You can use RealX at your own pace with no looming deadlines.

We are based outside of Pittsburgh, and our founders have deep roots in the real estate technology industry, including creating the nation's largest online real estate listing syndicator. Together with real estate and land agents, we can help your landowners unlock the value of every property, empowering both the property rights buyers and sellers to maximize the return on their investment.

Join the RealX property rights revolution by registering today at

realx LukeGlassLuke Glass is the nation's leading expert on land use and property rights. He is CEO and co-founder of RealX, America's first and largest online property rights exchange, which is revolutionizing the way surface, subsurface, and air rights are bought, sold, and leased.