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Get Your Commission Check Faster by Transitioning to Virtual Transaction Management

April 22 2020

coffee chat docusignWes Womack from DocuSign joined us for a Coffee Chat on Monday to share some great life lessons, as well as the most compelling ways that moving to digital transaction management can help you be successful and GET PAID FASTER!

Transitioning all elements of your transaction online not only simplifies the process for you AND your client, it also helps ensure that every one of your transaction folders is complete so you will not get in any trouble with your broker—or worse.

Key takeaways:

1. Moving to digital transaction management will help you get paid more quickly!

If you provide all of the necessary online paperwork to your brokerage, they can cut your commission check faster!

2. Free up time to spend time counseling your clients, not signing documents

If you make it easier for your clients to sign documents remotely, you can spend time explaining the meaning and relevance of each form, helping to deepen the trust relationship with your client. With Zoom, GoToMeeting and other tools, you don't need to be sitting across the table from them to provide solid advice and feedback.

3. Write offers more quickly, win more deals!

Even in today's uncertain times, there are still homes that are receiving multiple offers, believe it or not. Be the first to the table with a thorough, well-documented offer using digital transaction management tools.

4. Make it easier to expand your business in leasing

In tough times, where residential real estate sales are slower than normal, many agents turn to rentals to provide an alternative revenue source. Upload your rental application forms and credit check forms and make it really easy for someone to rent one of your properties.

Here's the recording. It's well worth the 35 minutes!

FREE Digital Transaction Management Resources

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