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Friday Freebie: Guide to Crushing It with Direct Response Marketing

March 13 2020

We talk a lot about digital marketing here at RE Technology: social media, online ads, websites, landing pages… the whole nine yards. But in all the excitement surrounding these technologies, let's not overlook one fact: good old print marketing still works--and it works well.

That's why in today's Friday Freebie we're highlighting a free guide to direct response marketing for real estate. The twist? This guide shows you a high-tech way to target your mailing lists and manage your campaigns. Read on to learn more.

Free Download of 'How to Crush It with Real Estate Direct Response Marketing,' courtesy of ProspectsPLUS!

frifree pp crush it guideNow, when we say direct response marketing "works well," we mean it. In fact, direct mail nets a 9% response rate—well ahead of the 1% response rates of email, social media, and paid search. What's more, 76% of consumers trust direct mail when making a decision, and direct mail is 20% more persuasive to consumers than digital media.

Maybe that's just a sign of our times where digital marketing has become so ubiquitous that holding a physical piece of marketing is now a novel, tactile experience. Whatever the case may be, mastering direct mail can only benefit your real estate business.

There's one caveat, though: mail can be expensive. That's where technology comes in. Rather than sending out direct mail pieces to everyone in your geographic farm, today's technology lets you build targeted lists so that you can market more effectively—and more affordably.

This guide from ProspectsPLUS! shows you how you can do just that. Inside this 20-page guide, you'll find:

  • The six steps to launching an effective direct response campaign
  • A visual layout guide to create more compelling direct mail pieces
  • The top seven opportunities you should target and suggested campaign ideas
  • An introduction to tools that can help you target consumers in your market
  • And more!

Download your FREE copy of How to Crush It with Real Estate Direct Response Marketing and Get Them Calling YOU today!