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5 Real Estate Apps that Will 'Wow' You and Your Clients

March 11 2020

rpr 5 real estate apps wow youAt this point, digital applications are as much a part of real estate as photos on your business card and yard arms. With an app on your phone or device, you can schedule showings, manage documents, create CMAs and complete just about any task in a transaction.

Here's RPR's yearly look (usually one of our more popular blog entries) at our short list of buzzworthy real estate apps. Or in some cases, apps that can be applied to the real estate biz.

If you want to "wow" your clients, be more productive and efficient, and stand out amongst your colleagues, check out this year's list of real estate apps...

Punkpost: proving that snail mail is not dead

Are you the type of REALTOR® who sends your clients a thank you gift after closing? Or perhaps you want to make a really good impression on someone you know who is seriously thinking about buying or selling? Well then, Punkpost might be your ticket to standing-out-from-the-crowdville.

Punkpost and their team of talented artists (with really excellent penmanship), help you deliver high quality cards, complete with real, human handwriting.

The process is easy, too: just pick your card, type your message, and add extras such as glitter and confetti, and choose a delivery date. Punkpost takes care of the rest. Your recipient gets a personalized, handwritten card in the mail. Wouldn't that make you feel special?

Oh, and it won't break your direct mail marketing bank either. Each card sent averages around $5-$9, which includes shipping. Now, you can't send out thousands of them obviously, but for the price of a Hallmark card from the store, it's a pretty nifty way to stand out and get noticed by your client(s). It's available in the App Store for the iPhone or iPad; Google Play users can use the website.

Quigler: build your brand with transparency and trust

For the typical consumer, a real estate transaction is complicated, confusing and can leave them feeling "in the dark." Enter Quigler, a real estate app that's all about transparency and accountability between an agent and their client during a real estate transaction. It's also a keen way to gain consumer trust and generate more business. According to the Quigler website, their app "allows clients to 'look under the hood' to ensure they understand the process and get maximum value for the commission being paid."

Here's how it works: once a deal begins, an agent with the Quigler app invites their client to join them and follow along. The transaction is synced, and keeps the client aware of their agent's actions during the entire buy/sell process. Every task, step and detail in the process is available for both parties to see at any time, and communication lines are always open, in case the client has questions. NAR's Code of Ethics/best practices and federal law and state licensing laws are also available to view during the process.

Quigler runs about $300 for a one-year membership. It gives real estate professionals a tool to empower their client(s) to let them know in advance what is required, when it was done and why it's essential. Quigler is available online and, of course, there's an iOS version, with a Google Pay version coming soon.

Updater: what's better than free moving boxes? Value

This next app is not a tool for agents and has nothing to do with real estate transactions. In fact, it's all about what happens after your client buys or sells a home.

Updater is an app that helps people with the always stressful process of moving. Calling itself a "digital moving concierge," Updater aims to remove all the pain points and hassles of moving. Updater makes moving easier by reminding and showing users how to find reliable moving companies, seamlessly transfer utilities, forward mail, connect TV and internet, and much more. And there's no cost to use it—for you or them.

You're probably thinking, as a REALTOR®, "What's in it for me?" Updater is something that allows full-service agents to provide tremendous value to their clients. And it gives real estate agents the chance to provide a level of service that most buyers—especially first-timers—probably don't even know exists. You can also apply your own branding for clients to see when you invite them to use the app. This includes things like your photo, social media channels and customized messages.

Because the app is only available by invitation from real estate professionals, loan officers, property managers, etc., it's an exclusive perk that consumers can only get by working with a partnered professional in the industry. That exclusivity could also be a way to market yourself in the ever-growing, hyper competitive digital real estate ecosystem.

Proofhub: one price, many users

Project management software and apps are ubiquitous in the professional business world. You've got your major players such as Trello, Monday, Wrike and Slack. But what about the ultimate, self-employed entrepreneur—the REALTOR®? Is there a simple and reliable project management service for this small business owner that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? There is, and we can prove it.

Proofhub is a note-taking software that helps you take better control of your projects, tasks, and communications. Its tools and features keep you and your team on the same page and working towards the same goal. Proofhub emphasizes simplicity throughout its design, which makes learning how to use it a breeze.

ProofHub starts out at $50 per month or $540 per year, but can run as high as $150 per month or $1600 per year, depending on how much storage you need and how many bells and whistles you'd like to add. It's available in the App Store and on Google Play.

The reason that it's such a great fit for real estate agents and brokers is because this is actually a very competitive price in the online project management space. And the best part about Proofhub is that it charges a fixed monthly price, regardless of how many people use the account. So an office of one or an office of 20 pays the same monthly fee.

RPR: Wow your clients, close more deals

You saw that coming from a mile away, right? Well, a little shameless self promotion is to be expected; it is our article after all. And besides, no real estate app article about "wowing" clients would be complete without a section on the RPR Mobile™ app. Get RPR on Google Play, and at the App Store.

With RPR Mobile, REALTORS® have exclusive access to all of RPR's data, tools and reports anywhere there's a signal. That means you can work almost anywhere and send key data to clients almost instantly.

Almost half a million REALTORS® use RPR Mobile™ and they say the app helps them to be more productive, more informed and overall more ready to meet their clients' needs. Here are some of the app's most popular tools and features:

  • Search on- and off-market properties
  • Create and share client-friendly reports
  • Access leases, open houses, valuations, maps, demographics, schools, neighborhoods and market trends
  • Build CMAs and buyer tours on-the-go

That's our take on this year's most impressive and most helpful real estate apps. If you have an app that you think would be a great fit for another write up like this, please let us know in the comments section. Happy apping!

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