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The Top 10 Most Popular Articles of February

March 02 2020

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With winter slogging on and real estate's busy season still ahead of us, now's the perfect time to hunker down with a warm drink and check out a few of last month's best, most-read articles.

Let's start with advice for dealing with clients. Our #1 article in February shared tech tips you can give your clients to make their real estate experience easier. Check out article #6 for advice on promoting yourself while staying connected to existing clients. Then, sashay down to #7 for insight on whether you should text or call clients.

Want to wow your community with your high tech capabilities? Article #9 lists several local spaces you can capture via a 3D tour to promote yourself and connect with local businesses and consumers. Want even more ways to promote your business? Article #2 lists nine underappreciated websites where you can generate more leads.

What else were agents and brokers reading in February? Check out the full list below to find out!

1. 4 Tech Tips Every Agent Should Give Their Clients
Agents often look for technology that can save them time processing transactions so they can spend more time producing new business. But what technology can your clients use to improve their selling or buying experience? Here are four tech tips you can share with your clients, tech advice that can take some of the stress out of buying or selling a home.

2. 9 Underutilized Websites that Can Help You Generate Real Estate Leads
Not everyone needs to market on oversaturated social networks and platforms. In fact, there are plenty of underutilized websites that can help you generate real estate leads. Here are nine examples that are ready for a savvy real estate agent to exploit.

3. 8 Things New Users Should Know About RPR
These eight straightforward "how-to's" cover everything from simple searches, to gathering data on schools and neighborhoods, mapping, and our ever-popular RPR reports. Each includes a breakdown of what you can expect from RPR and how to easily incorporate RPR tools and features into your everyday business operations.

4. Real Estate Photography: 9 Tips for Stunning DIY Photos
Let's face it, if you want to sell a house, visuals are key. Having vibrant, inviting and attractive photos of the homes you are trying to sell is paramount. The point is, you cannot overlook the idea of having a visually stunning photo of the property. Here are nine tips for stunning DIY photos.

5. 5 Real Estate Branding Mistakes that Can Cost You Business
Building a recognizable brand your clients can connect to is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Everyone knows you should be unique and offer great service, but many brands start off by making the same mistakes. To help you start your real estate branding journey on the right foot, here are a few common missteps and how to avoid them.

6. How to Promote Yourself and Stay Connected with Clients
The weather outside is cold, but that doesn't mean the market is! With more Americans planning to buy or sell their homes, it is critical to not only catch the client's attention, but to stay connected once you have it. Here are some helpful tricks and tips you can use to build long-lasting relationships and a positive reputation.

7. To Call or Text? The Value of a Hybrid Approach
In real estate, it's all about that first impression. A strong first touch and effective follow-up are critical for converting leads to clients. So, we've been gathering data to learn what methods work best for lead conversion.

8. Understanding the 2020 Real Estate Market
There is one common question every real estate agent needs the answer for: "How's the market?" While it's important to know what's happening in your area, it is also good to know what's happening nationwide. From home price appreciation to interest rates, inventory, and demand, find out what you need to know so you can talk to your clients as an expert.

9. 3D Walk-throughs Aren't Just for Listings: Capture These 6 Local Spaces to Boost Engagement and Business Opportunity
Today, we're going to introduce you to a high-tech way to connect to your local market—and, bonus, it's sure to dazzle and engage consumers in your area. That strategy? Capturing community spaces in 3D walk-throughs. Here are examples of six local spaces you can capture in your community to boost consumer engagement, lead generation and awareness of your real estate brand.

10. 10 Valentine's Day Gifts for Real Estate Agents
Real estate agents are great at picking homes, perfect neighborhoods, and helping their clients through complicated contracts. And, of course, they're also great spouses, partners, friends, siblings, and parents! Got a real estate agent in your life that you want to spoil this Valentine's Day? Want to treat yourself to something sweet? Check out this list of 10 gifts for the real estate agent in your life.