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5 Social Media Habits Agents Should Leave Behind in 2020

March 01 2020

Social media algorithms are placing greater emphasis on personal, meaningful content over vanity metrics like numbers of followers and likes. Make those algorithms work harder for you this year by ditching these five detrimental social media habits.

1. Posting the same content across all channels.

Now, more than ever, it's not enough to display the exact same post on all of your accounts; to successfully utilize them, you must customize your posts for each platform's prioritization. Here's a simple breakdown:

  • Facebook prioritizes "meaningful interactions" on its site, rewarding content that generates comments, shares, and repeat video views. (FYI, videos shared through Facebook, instead of third parties like YouTube, are given priority with the algorithm.) Facebook's algorithm may push down listing posts since viewers must leave Facebook to view them. Counteract this by encouraging interactions; for example, point out unique features and ask your followers what they think. In between listing posts, utilize tools like polls or status updates that get users engaged.

  • Instagram also prioritizes interaction with content within its "neighborhoods." This means utilizing stories, IGTV and the traditional feed. For example: post a photo of your listing to your profile and use stories to tease a grand tour in two days. Post the tour with IGTV, and follow up with a story asking viewers what their favorite feature was.

  • LinkedIn prioritizes a blend of personal connections and relevancy, which levels the playing field for the non-Oprahs of the world who don't have millions of followers. Post content that's relevant to your own connections, and even if it doesn't directly tie into your industry, try to find ways that it could. For example, if most of your followers are fellow agents, post industry news with your own commentary and invite them to respond.

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2. Not collaborating with industry-specific brands or accounts.

Do you know a mortgage professional with a strong work ethic? Is there a moving company you trust? If so, and they have a strong social media following (this is important!), try to collaborate on a joint post or project. This is a great way to grow your audience AND reputation by tapping into a different pool of followers. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Host a joint Facebook live video with a general contractor while walking through a home for sale. Have them point out what red flags to look for when searching for a home, or give tips on how to renovate a feature that might otherwise be a dealbreaker.

  • Schedule a joint Instagram post with a local business that has done fantastic work on a home you've sold or are selling. Utilize "before and after" photos that capture the drama of the change. Both you and the business would then post to your respective accounts, tagging the other.

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3. Passive posting.

If you're only posting when you feel like it, or when you happen to have five minutes of free time, you are likely pushing yourself into a dark corner. Social media algorithms take your posting frequency into consideration when deciding who gets to see your content, so it's imperative to post frequently and consistently. If you can't commit to daily posting, start with twice a week. If you can handle more, simply schedule accordingly. And don't forget — diversify the types of content you post!

4. Using low-quality imagery.

How people perceive you is largely tied to visuals. Even if your written content is superb, low-quality imagery will cause most people to scroll right by you. Listing photos should be high-quality, professional shots – no screenshots of your listings! If you're giving a home tour for a Facebook or Instagram Live, make sure lights are on and windows are letting in natural light.

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5. Not interacting with your audience.

Don't just wait for people to engage with you on your profiles; reach outside of your sphere and interact with contacts where they are. Is there an influencer whose personal brand closely aligns with yours? Reply to a few comments that people leave with something fun or informative. Make sure others feel that you're easily accessible and they can get to know you.

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Social media marketing is constantly evolving, but that doesn't mean it has to be a source of frustration. Our Social Fuel team is ready to help you take your content into the next decade with timely content, account management, and troubleshooting. For more information, click here.

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