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How to Get Other Pros to See You as the Local Expert

February 23 2020

hdc get other pros to see you as the local expertGetting your clients to see you as the local expert is a great way to win more business. But getting other agents and real estate professionals to see you that way opens your business to new partnership opportunities and makes you a more visible option for referrals. Here are ten ways you can establish yourself as the local expert among professionals in your area.

1. Be the expert.

The thing about being the local expert is that, before you do anything else, you have to prove that you know your stuff. Create videos and articles on a wide range of topics: local news, events, real estate, market conditions, local business reviews, etc. to build brand awareness and a demonstrable reputation as an expert.

2. Show your value.

Create flyers, infographics, and other visuals highlighting your credentials, testimonials, resources, and other statistics that show your expertise.

3. Be unique.

How are you different from every other agent or brokerage in the area? Figure out what your unique value proposition is and work it into a well-rehearsed elevator pitch explaining why lenders, builders, and other real estate agents should trust you with their clients.

4. Create a following.

Build a social media group for potential home buyers and work on filling it with local buyers. Use this as another platform to build your reputation and reach.

5. Focus your business.

Choose a market niche to focus your efforts on; this will help you excel in one or two areas rather than achieve a moderate amount of success in many. This can be a specific area, working with specific loan types, or catering to a certain lifestyle.

6. Get in good with Google.

When someone wants to know anything, these days, the first step is to run a Google search. Be sure to register with Google My Business and make sure your name is coming up among the first results for your area. If you aren't among the first few results when someone searches for real estate in your area, you may want to consider advertising while you work on bringing up your organic search placement.

7. Use super-specific URLs.

Don't pick one generic name (like for your website. Buy several very specific area URLs (like and link each one directly to a corresponding page on your website.

8. Build a reputation as a thought leader/trainer.

Get in front of other agents and professionals by writing a book, hosting a seminar, or guest speaking at new-agent training events. Open up topics for discussion on agent-focused social groups like the Secrets of Top Selling Agents Facebook group, and help less experienced agents find their own pockets for success.

9. Build a media presence.

There are a lot of different ways to build a media presence. Partner up with the local news station to share a weekly or monthly market update on the air or in the paper. You can also publish and distribute your own newsletter, guide, or paper.

10. Get involved with your community.

Being the local expert is all about helping members of your community. So, get involved by sponsoring a team or event, volunteering at your favorite non-profit, or hosting an annual collection for a good cause.

Making your business the go-to real estate company in your area isn't easy, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

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