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Top 10 Articles about Lead Generation and Conversion

December 01 2011

Lead generation and conversion are always a challenge for real estate professionals. We’re constantly seeking new and better ways to grow our business. Today, we’ve pulled together 10 of our favorite articles about lead generation and conversion – these are in no particular order.

1) REALTOR® Marketing is Changing with New Lead-Generation Service
Today, Listingbook announced, a new lead generation system that has the potential to change the way REALTORS® prospect online. This is not your mother’s lead generation. For as little as $1 per lead, real estate agents using will receive exclusive, high-quality leads and the tools to convert these leads.

2) 5 Strategies for Generating Leads in Today’s Market
Facebook is an incredible way to keep current with the activities of the businesses and individuals you’re interested in. Market Leader is one of the companies that I follow on Facebook – and this is where I spied the news about their “5 Strategies for Generating Leads in Today’s Market” whitepaper. I downloaded my free copy and will summarize some of the key findings here. For full information, download the free whitepaper.

3) Working the “Lead Funnel”: 4 Key Factors
Everyone talks about online leads. In the case of the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation or IMSD, they shout about leads from the rooftop. Their website has a really cool calculator that even forecasts the lead funnel. After I explain how the funnel works, I will give you the link so you can put in your website numbers and estimate your online business opportunities.

4) How To: Shorten Response Time and Convert More Leads
Studies have shown that, the more time elapses between receiving a lead and following up on a lead, the less likely that lead will convert to a sale. In fact, research indicates that increments as small as 5 minutes can make a big difference in lead conversion. If you think about it, it's easy to understand why. You have only to look at your own life for inspiration.

5) Video: Diversify Your Real Estate Lead Generation
ActiveRain University and the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation hosted a free course in September, 2011 on the importance of using multiple sources for internet lead generation.  The call focused on “Not putting all of your eggs in one basket” when it comes to online real estate marketing.

6) Customers Don't Jump Out of Computers
Technology has a place in the life of an agent. It supports the agent by providing access to research information, offers some marketing automation, and is a great communication vehicle. But technology does not sell real estate – agents do.

7) Lead Classification, Going Beyond Generation
Generating leads is considered to be one of the most important tasks of a real estate sales organization and often appears to be one of the most poorly managed and also presents the most risk for your business. It is not about getting more leads; it is about understanding what types of leads you want and how much you can handle.

8) Floor Calls - The Most Wasted Lead Generation Tool Available to Agents
According to what I have read, the national average of floor calls converted to customers is a whopping 2%. You ready that right, 2% of the consumers who call a Real Estate office are converted to a customer.

9) How Does Facebook Shares and Twitter ReTweets Help Me Get Business?
Earned media is the most trusted and credible form of content for a brand. Traditional paid media has become less effective due to the overwhelming amount of content being shared on a daily basis.

10) Real Estate Lead Conversion: Stalking Your Prospects
There are some amazing tools available to real estate agents to help them “stalk” their real estate leads.  In this webinar delivered by ActiveRain University and IMSD, Liz Landry and Chris McNamara teach you what methods they use to find relevant information on their buyer and seller prospects, how they use that information to convert real estate leads, and why stalking prospects isn’t quite as bad as it sounds.