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Winning More Listings through Teamwork and Technology

December 18 2019

rdc Voigt Advantage"We're just not into selling," isn't something you expect to hear from a real estate team. But that's exactly what Gabriel Dusharme and Brian Voigt of The Voigt Advantage teamThe Voigt Advantage team have to say about their approach to business. Instead, the pair prefers to focus on caring for their clients and guiding them through the home buying and selling process.

That care extends to the technology they use to get their clients' homes in front of as many buyers as possible. In this interview, Dusharme and Voigt share how they leverage technology to drive a positive client experience.

Tell us about your team!

My partner Brian Voigt and I organized as a team. We will finish our fourth year as a team at the end of this year.

He has great charisma and is a thoroughly top-to-bottom good person as well as agent. It is the two of us plus one phenomenal transaction coordinator and we're soon be onboarding our third. We're real service-oriented. It sounds like a cliché, but we're just not into selling. We just take care of people with expertise and confidence and give them some good guidance.

Although it is a branding product, we heard you got a listing by using Local Expert?

Yes, we got the listing and I have to credit Adrian, our representative at He is a great guy and has the right disposition for the job. He brought the Local Expert product to our attention and it was really easy to connect the dots and get a listing.

What did it offer that helped you get the listing?

We can essentially be sticky on searches and show our clients a demo search right in front of them on a laptop and say, "When you search for Chico, California on, we'll put you in the first slot."

This week we were on an appointment, and this particular seller actually hadn't seen this and they asked if we could get them to the front page of

It was no problem since we had just gotten the product. The question came up, "Can you get this to the front page?"

It just clicked. Our response was, "Yes, we can get your property featured when they search."

This was actually a property in Paradise because we picked up the Chico, California city name search, and he picked up Paradise as well so it was easy to leverage and it was a fresh product for us and we put it to work right away.

Was this an isolated incident?

Actually, subsequent to that, we had some direct feedback from a listing that we landed. We did our listing presentation, but we included the way that we leverage technology. We knew we were in competition. We didn't know who the other agents were. When we got the listing, we asked them what it was that made them choose us. They said, "You clearly leverage technology and no other agent could show that."

So overall you have a good relationship with the folks?

I felt like they did us a service with bringing that product to our attention. Adrian jumped right in and even set up the product for us and put the carousel on it. We will always keep a presence on