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Top 10 Articles About Website Design

November 23 2011

A well-designed, effective, and functional website is a must for real estate agents and brokers. We’ve covered many of the factors that determine an effective website. Today, we’re going to rehash 10 of our favorite articles on this topic – in no particular order.


1) 3 Guidelines to Assess Your Competitors’ Websites
When you look at a competitor’s site, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to quickly assess how they “stack up” when compared to your website? By following a few guidelines, you can accomplish this and, more importantly, pinpoint areas you can improve – ensuring that your site rises above theirs.


2) What Does Your Website Say About You?
If you're an agent working today, then you already know the importance of a good web presence. What you may not know, however, is what constitutes 'good'.


3) 3 Questions Before a Website Redesign
We're always excited to hear from the wonderful agents and brokers who read RE Technology. We get calls with comments or questions – and we're happy to help. Just last week, we heard from a lovely broker who had recently updated their website. Unfortunately, some oversights in the planning process were proving problematic after the redesign was complete.


4) How to launch a new website powerfully...
Brokers invest a tremendous amount of time and resources whenever they switch websites. Over the years, we have observed a variety of tactics that help launch the site powerfully in a way that attracts consumer attention, allows agents to understand the features of the website, and promotes the broker as a market leader.

5) 4 Fundamentals of Website Design and Functionality
In this day when every seminar is social media, SEO, facebook, fan pages, twitter, mobile apps, blogging,  videos, QR Codes and anything else that’s hot and new, it is easy to clutter up your website to the point the consumer is confused and gone. Take a serious look at your website to see if you have these 4 fundamentals of success.


6) Real Estate Websites: Publish More Than Just Listings
One too common issue with broker websites is they concentrate on delivering listing information to consumers and don’t give enough attention to the other important components of delivering real estate services to consumers.


7) Top 10 Ways to Choose A Web Developer
You know a website would be great for your real estate business.The exposure, the increased sales, the opportunity to open up whole new markets for your product and services – all this sounds really exciting and enticing. You can already imagine how a website will bring your business into the 21st century with a splash of growth and profits.


8) What is HTML5 and why should I care as an agent?
We are going to try and take a highly technical topic and make is simple and easy to understand. HTML is an acronym that stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is the programming language of the Internet, and it has been around since the internet first started. Over the past two years, the latest version of this language, HTML5 came into use by programmers, and it is changing the Internet in magnificent ways. Since you are unlikely to be a programmer, you only need to focus on what benefits you would receive if you have a website built in HTML5.


9) Appearance Matters: is your website making a good first impression?
Bottom line is, first impressions matter. The moment someone lands on your website, they’re thinking…


  • · Am I in the right place?
  • · Is this site credible?
  • · Is the information here reliable?
  • · Who’s the author behind this website?
  • · Can I trust this Real Estate Agent?


These are all of the various things site visitors are thinking when they land on your website. Your sites design, color, layout and navigation are all going to have an impact on what they think. That first impression.


10) Is Your Website Accessible to All?
When considering all the functions a real estate professionals looks for in building and maintaining a professional website, accesibility for the disabled rarely enters the equation. But there are legal reasons to consider adding accessibility features to your website.