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What Do You Really Know about

December 10 2019

rent keyholeThe other day, we at RE Technology were talking about As we frequently explore different companies and products to stay current in the market, we sometimes like to challenge our initial perception before further research: As of now, what do we think we know about

Our guess, of course: that just focuses on apartments. We could not have been more wrong. We learned they have many different rentals, not just apartments, that it does not cost anything for an agent, broker or an MLS to have these listings on, and that the site is positioned in our industry as a lucrative lead source.

We were absolutely amazed that you could find homes, townhouses and condos using network, which boasts none different rental sites:,,,,,,, and Each of the different sites fill a different niche for renters.

You would think that using the sites in the network would incur expensive fees for agents and brokers. On the contrary— does not charge the agent, broker, or the MLS. They don't even charge for the leads because they follow the Fair Display Guidelines: "Your Listing, Your Lead." Having a feed thru the MLS is easy for the agent, as their data feed prevents them from having to re-enter the listing every time, automatically uploading it to the network.

Last, but not least—for two reasons, the network of sites cannot be a better lead source for agents that deal in rentals. First, the network has more than 20 million renters visit their sites every month—the #1 most visited rental source in the country! Second, as renters go from renting to wanting to buy a home, they will come to the rental agent first.

The best news? There are already 205 MLSs connected with To find out if your MLS already offers the Network to you, click here. If your MLS was not on the list, click here to get them added.