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Real Estate Marketing 2020: Special Dates and Themes

December 04 2019

lwolf 2020 marketing days2020 is coming, which means it's time to start planning your marketing strategies now. Because there's so much content out there, today's consumers--and future homebuyers--expect a little something extra to inspire and inform them.

No matter whether you're focusing on email, social media, or even a real estate blog, here's a list of special and themed days you can use to inspire and inform with your content!


Creativity Month, Get Organized Month: The new year gives you the perfect chance to share and showcase creative home ideas for those who love to decorate.

Get a Balanced Life Month: Have some listings to inspire buyers looking for a balanced life? Use this theme to share ideas for staying balanced and point to those listings!

Hobby Month: Everybody's got a hobby, and those hobbies can mean great niche marketing. Use this theme to highlight hobby-specific homes.

3: Festival of Sleep Day: A lack of sleep isn't healthy for anyone. Help those stressed-out buyers and sellers get a good night's rest before moving day with relaxing advice.

8: Bubble Bath Day: Who doesn't love the idea of having a beautiful bath in their future house? Use this day to highlight the best bathrooms and tubs in your listings!

11: Heritage Treasures Day: This is the perfect theme to appreciate local architecture and explore some of the heritage homes that make your community unique.

13: Make Your Dream Come True Day: Homeownership is still the American dream. Showcase your more budget-friendly options today and help make your buyers' dreams come true!

14: Clean Off Your Desk Day: Is there anything more satisfying than a clear desk? Show off just how many deals you've closed and cleared off your desk—and prospects will know what you're capable of.

14: Organize Your Home Day: Your clients are always looking for inspiration. Try hosting a home organization talk to give them some new ideas.

25: Fun at Work Day: Have a team or a brokerage? Dedicate this day to show prospective agents and employees how much fun it is to be in real estate!


Hot Breakfast Month, Bake for Family Fun Month: Talk about a two-for-one. Use this month's themes as an excuse to show off cozy family kitchens your clients can enjoy with their loved ones!

14–21: Nest Box Week: There's nothing better than moving into a new house! Use this week to highlight local wildlife, and encourage home owners to build nest boxes for feathery friends.

Feb. 25–Mar. 3: Telecommuter Appreciation Week: More and more of today's workforce is working remotely. Use this week to highlight homes with offices and dens!

16: Innovation Day: Do you or your brokerage do something unique for your clients? Use this day to showcase how you innovate.

27: No Brainer Day: Have a great deal in a great area? Let your clients know about your no-brainer listings so they can make the most of it.


Rising Star Month: Looking for a way to highlight outstanding agents at your brokerage? Want to shout-out a friend coming up quick in real estate? Or have a listing you know will go viral? This is the theme to do it!

Credit Education Month: Credit can be a massive barrier to homeownership. This month is all about the ins and outs of credit, so it's the perfect chance to help educate prospects about it.

16: Everything You Do Is Right Day: A day that encourages people to believe in themselves. Best used to give extra confidence to first-time home buyers.

30: Take a Walk in the Park Day: Local parks are always a selling feature. Take today to showcase listings near public parks, and encourage your buyers to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of walking in nature.


Decorating Month: This is the perfect time to highlight new and upcoming interior design trends for your buyers, sellers, and prospects alike.

5: Walk to Work Day: Walking to work is a great way to stay healthy. Use this as a way to help buyers discover homes closer to their workplace.

23: Take a Chance Day: A day to play the odds. If you've got a buyer who can't quite commit to a house, today's the day to share advice on making that leap of faith.

30: Honesty Day: Our world is all about honesty, transparency, and authenticity. Celebrate this day by doing something like hosting an AMA session with your prospects and clients!


Deck Safety Month: It's not just about decks. This is a great chance both to help educate new homeowners about local building codes when they start fixing up those backyards, and to help buyers understand the home inspection process.

19: May Ray Day: This day is all about getting outside and enjoying the sun. Use it to showcase those perfect patios and outdoor spaces to your buyers.

20: Be a Millionaire Day: Whether you have a success story to share, or are looking for a mentor to help you reach your potential, today is all about the possibilities in real estate.


Great Outdoors Month: This month is all about getting out and enjoying the world. It's the perfect chance to show off listings featuring the great outdoors!

1: Say Something Nice Day: Celebrate this day by hosting drop-in sessions to meet and greet your prospects, or by sending out sweet little sentiment cards to recent buyers and sellers.

2: Leave the Office Early Day: Everyone likes leaving early once in a while. This is a great day to highlight home offices—or put the spotlight on local hotspots instead!

18: International Picnic Day: Who doesn't love a fresh-air meal? Celebrate by putting together a community picnic to bring everyone together—folks will remember you when it's time to buy or sell.

21: Take Your Dog to Work Day: Did you hear about the real estate agent who took foster dogs to open houses to pair them with buyers? This is a great day to include your pooch in your work, and let them steal the show.


Independent Retailer Month: Have some great mom-and-pop shops in your community? Use this theme to highlight them to prospects—or even host a neighborhood open house!

12: Simplicity Day: Not everyone needs an extravagant lifestyle. Today is all about the simpler things in life—from plainer finishes to quiet communities and more.

13: Embrace Your Geekiness Day: Just because you're in real estate doesn't mean you can't be a geek. In fact, it's a whole niche of its own! Accept your geekiness with open arms on this day and show your prospects you're a Force to be reckoned with.


Inventors Month: Microwaves. Murphy beds. Handy apps. Have a favorite invention—or have some listings that show off innovative ways to live? Use this month to showcase them.

5: Work Like a Dog Day: You know you work hard for your clients and prospects. And today's the day to remind them of it, too!

8: Happiness Happens Day: Happiness is contagious, and happy buyers are the key to success. Show off your client testimonials today to spread the word on how great your agents are doing.

15: Relaxation Day: Who doesn't like to take a day off from their daily routine and just put their feet up? What a perfect opportunity to let buyers know about holiday homes close to exotic locations!

18: Mail Order Catalog Day: Retro catalog houses are making a comeback—especially for backyard units and granny flats. Have a little fun with this trend and put together your own "mail order" catalog with upcoming open houses.


Friendship Month: Real estate is a relationship business, and this is the perfect theme to build confidence with your clients—and be the best friend a buyer will ever have.

Library Card Sign-Up Month: Have great libraries in your community? Show them off for those house-hunting book lovers, or young families looking for good local programming.

Preparedness Month: Most new homeowners don't know what to expect from their investment. Use this theme to educate them about being prepared for emergency situations, both financially and mentally.

13: Positive Thinking Day: Everybody needs a little positivity in their lives. Use today to be that source of positivity for others—whether you're showing gratitude for your clients, helping them see the bright side of things, or sharing a positive affirmation on social media.

28: Good Neighbor Day: Use this day to promote smaller, neighborly communities—and to help your clients with common questions about being good neighbors.


7: World Habitat Day: This special day was founded to spread awareness of the fact that accessible housing is a basic human right. Use it on social media to continue the spread, and highlight what your community is doing to ensure folks have access to decent and affordable housing.

9: Curious Events Day: It's the perfect opportunity to answer curious real estate minds! Share fun facts, answer questions, and show clients how to stay in touch with you for all those future curiosities too.

16: World Food Day: There's no love more sincere than the love of food! Use today to highlight local restaurants and eateries near your listings that buyers are sure to love. Plus, tag them so they can share your listings with their clientele, too.

29: Internet Day: We don't need a reason to spend time online, but this is a good one! Take a moment to appreciate the internet and promote your brokerage's social presence while you're at it.

30: Coworking Day: Today's increasingly mobile workforce is looking to coworking spaces instead of offices. Use this day to share listings near popular coworking spaces!


12–18: Talk Money Week: Do your buyers have a strict budget for their dream house? Or do they not have one at all? Use this week to encourage open conversations about budgets and financial planning.

12: Happy Hour Day: Whether you highlight local happy hour hotspots, or decide to offer a little something extra at closing like a local gym membership, today is all about adding a bit of joy to the end of a day (or a deal!).

13: World Kindness Day: Everyone appreciates an act of kindness. Today is a good day to share kind words, either from happy clients or from your own experiences.

21: Use Less Stuff Day: Cut down on your carbon footprint by using and buying fewer things on this environmentally-conscious day. Use this theme to promote green real estate trends, or share tips and tricks new homeowners might not know!


Write a Business Plan Month: 2020 is coming up quick, which means that this is the perfect time to plan out next year's objectives and goals.

12: Gingerbread House Day: This sweet day celebrates the tradition of making houses out of gingerbread cookies! There's a lot of fun to be had with this theme, from making mini models and matching descriptions of your listings, to hosting contests and more.

26: Thank You Note Day: Thank you notes are one of the easiest ways to show your clients your appreciation and gratitude. So today, take out your best stationery and write notes your clients to continue building client relationships!

31: Make Up Your Mind Day: This is the perfect day to close out the year with—and a rather cheeky way to guide those indecisive buyers.

Well, there really is a day for everything. Mark your calendars so you don't miss out on any of these days—and let us know how you plan to celebrate!

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