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Success Story: How One Agent Knew It Was Time to 'Level Up'

November 14 2019

Realtor Don Harkins took his business to the next level—twice. Like other agents, Don realized he was "leaving money on the table," and decided to take steps to maximize his profits.

Find out how in this week's Success Story.

Taking His Business to the Next Level

Don's journey to the next level began when he decided his real estate technology stack needed an upgrade. His list of marketing tools was almost as long as a drugstore receipt—and the costs were adding up quick:

  • Landing pages for $99 per month
  • Facebook ads for $200 per month
  • A CRM for $60 per month
  • "A couple hundred bucks for Zillow"
  • And even more

"We were already spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on all these different, random tools and pieces. None of them were playing together. There was no accountability for the dollars spent. There were just, like, surprises when somebody actually called on one of them," says Don. "We were being pulled into a lot of different, more affordable, but less effective solutions."

So Don began to search for an integrated platform that offered everything he needed in one place. He landed on BoomTown.

"As soon as BoomTown got up and running, I could drop off all those other expenses," says Don. "And I had higher conversion rates, tracking and accountability, a way to communicate and follow up with these leads I was generating, and we could spend more time talking to people about real estate."

Within his first 90 days, Don had already seen a profitable return-on-investment (ROI). Within a few months, he saw an $11,000 commission close. It was a lead who registered on his website within 30 days, and who he began showing listings to within 50 days—much faster than what he had been averaging.

But there were more commissions to be had, as Don was about to learn.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Don wanted to be sure he was taking full advantage of his new technology platform, so he went to Unite, BoomTown's annual user conference. But while he "learned a lot of stuff," it was who he talked to that really helped him understand his next step towards success.

"I felt like I was the only single agent at Unite," says Don. "Everybody I talked to had a team. I didn't meet one single agent there. That's when I started seeing agents, for the first time, that are doing 100 homes a year, 200 homes a year, 400 homes a year."

That's when something clicked for Don. "I think being in that room, being around those people, hearing what they were doing, how they were doing it, and realizing, like, dang, I'm sitting on this platform; [I've] really underutilized it. I have the lead flow. I have the platform. I have the ability to train and coach them. The only thing I'm missing are the team members."

The month after Don went home from Unite, he brought on his first buyer's agent.

"Having BoomTown gave me the value to go out and get that agent. I'm just focused on growing my business. I don't want to do trial and error. I just want to find out what the best is and put it in place and start working with it."

Technology that Grows with You

As Don grew his team, he switched to from BoomTown's Launch version to their Core version, the next step up. Here are some of the features Don took advantage of as he transitioned from single agent to small team:

  • Seller Lead Suite - Drive more seller lead traffic, capture their information, and manage the conversations.
  • Community and Sharing Library - An online network of agents and brokers, working together and sharing knowledge.
  • Accountability and Reporting Dashboards - Insight into agent performance and opportunities for improvement.
  • Best-Fit Leads - Expertly match leads to their ideal properties.
  • Advanced Lead Filters - Know exactly who is who, and which leads you need to talk to so no opportunities fall through the cracks.
  • Bulk Texting - Send personalized communication to a large pool of leads in seconds.

Watch this product tour to learn how BoomTown can help you "level up" your profits. Can't decide which BoomTown product is right for you? Compare packages.