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Top 10 Articles About Social Media

November 23 2011

While the RE Technology team enjoys the holidays, we thought we’d share some of our favorite articles. One of the areas we want to cover is social media. After all, it’s something we write about often, and something we’re often asked about. So, without further ado, here are our top 10 articles about social media (and an introductory blurb from each to pique your interest) – these are in no particular order:

1) Professional vs. Personal Facebook Pages
Social media is still the Wild West, with few unequivocal rules for success. While most people agree that professionals should establish a presence on Facebook, they're often divided on how this should be accomplished. The primary point of contention: drawing the line between a personal and professional presence.

2)  4 Tips to Building Loyalty via Social Media
Your first goal in Social Marketing – making loyal customers even more so. Whether you're a downtown bistro, a local auto service shop or a popular salon, you want the phone to ring off the hook with new customers. After all, new customers means more sales revenue; right?

3) 3 Rules for Social Media from Walt Baczkowski
At the National Association of REALTORS® conference in Anaheim, I had the opportunity to sit down with Walt Baczkowski from Point2. During the course of our conversation, we stumbled upon the subject of social media. Walt has an interesting take – and some valid points to make – on this topic. I’ll focus on a few of his key points here.

4) Fun Infographic: Real Estate + Social Media
When it comes to real estate technology, today’s professionals can’t ignore social media. That’s why we were so interested in this nifty infographic from Mashable. Before we reveal it to you, we just want to clarify the source of the data. We’re going to quote Mashable here:

“Alexis Lamster, VP of customers at Postling and creator of the infographic below, told us that the company analyzed more than 500 Postling accounts specific to real estate and more than 7,000 small business accounts to extract information on how the real estate industry is using social media.”

5) 2 Million Reasons to Give a Hoot about HootSuite
"2 million! I don't have enough time to read a list of 2 million items!" Don't worry. When I say "2 million reasons," I'm talking about the 2 million people who use HootSuite. The site recently reached the 2 million milestone and spread the joy with a blog post and this awesome infographic. Click on to the next page to see it.

6) 3 Potential Real Estate Applications for FourSquare
When I closed my Facebook account for the first time, I swore to my friends, "never again." Then, 6 months later, I was back for more. Twitter was next. Then LinkedIn. But FourSquare? That's just silly, right? Wrong. Here are a few ways FourSquare could come into play for your real estate business.

7) So You Think You Can Post! Insight Into Good Social Content
If you have ever struggled with what to post on your Facebook Page or Twitter account, then this following webinar video is for you. Join Terra Khachooni and Derek Overbey from Roost as they provide tips, tricks and insights on what, how and when to share on your social networks.

8) Learn What’s Hot (And Use It to Your Advantage) with “LinkedIn Today”
You may listen to NPR, watch Fox News, or read your local paper. While worthwhile, these news outlets don’t focus on what’s hot in your specific industry or region. When it comes to making decisions about the next President of the United States or which country to visit on your next international vacation, those national news sources are a great resource. When it comes to informing your real estate marketing efforts, it’s time to look for something new. Consider “LinkedIn Today.”

9) 8 “Site-less” Social Networking Ideas for Real Estate Brokers
If you want to be successful marketing your real estate broker brand on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, begin by making your presence known outside of the social network, or site-less. Here are eight site-less ideas to get you started building your social media connections outside the social media websites themselves.

10) 7 Stats You Should Be Measuring On Your Real Estate Blog
How can I get more Facebook Fans? How many ReTweets did I get today? I want more “Followers!” If these are the stats that you’re measuring, I’d argue that you’re measuring all of the wrong things.

A high number of Fans and Followers means nothing if they’re not converting into clients. So instead of measuring social media stats, let’s look at some website statistics and see if we can find some areas to improve your lead capture…