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Safe Selling: Why Copying that Driver's License Won't Keep You Safe

November 05 2019

The conventional safety procedures that brokers suggest to their agents when meeting new prospects for the first time go something like this:

  1. Always verify the prospect's identity and make a copy of their driver's license
  2. Always meet them at the office for the first time

But do these steps actually protect your agents from a potential predator? In this week's 'Safe Selling' video, we'll learn why these long-held safety truths are actually safety myths.

  • How meeting at the brokerage's office can actually play into a predator's hands
  • Why it's important to meet at a public location first, NOT the listing
  • Why copying a driver's license won't keep agents safe
  • What agents can do if they don't have an available colleague to accompany them on a first showing with a new client

One important caveat: We're not saying that agents shouldn't copy a new client's license or meet them at the office (as long as others are there). Instead, agents shouldn't let these actions lull them into a false sense of security—they alone won't deter a predator. Agents should stay vigilant and remember all of the preventative tips we've been sharing in this video series.

Stay tuned until next week when reveal an easy phone trick that agents can use to screen prospects!