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5 Ways Agents Can Make Their Holiday Social Media Content Shine

November 03 2019

hdc make holiday social media content shine 1The holidays are fast approaching, and with them comes the chaos of packed schedules and constant holiday advertisements for the latest sales and events. With so many messages vying for your audience's attention, a strong content strategy will help your brand stay bold instead of buried. Follow these tips for social media content:

1) Determine what your goals are.

It's close to the end of the year, so you may already know what your specific needs are. Do you need to generate word-of-mouth? Promote more engagement for a particular listing? Your goals will shape your content strategies and tactics; identify them first so you have guidance for your content calendar.

  • Start with an audit of your posts. Identify the posts that have done well and those that haven't. Research when your audience is most active on social media so you know the best time to schedule your posts.
  • If generating word-of-mouth is your goal, consider asking your past clients to leave positive reviews or find ways to add value that no one in your market is doing.

If engagement for listings is your goal, think of unique ways for your audience to view them. For example, you could post a series of listing photos featuring a popular costumed character. People love humor and are more apt to share that make them laugh.

2) Change your brand imagery.

hdc make holiday social media content shine 2If you're still using the same photos from the spring and summer, it might be time for a change! Your profile picture and cover photos are your chance to make a first — and lasting — positive impression. Here are a few examples:

  • Change your profile picture to one of you wearing seasonally appropriate attire or with a seasonally appropriate background.
  • Select a cover photo with timely motifs. Early fall is perfect for pumpkins and colored leaves. December is perfect for reds, greens, and golds.

3) Incorporate videos, especially live videos.

These days, video is prime real estate in the social media sphere. Algorithms prioritize organic, video-driven content, so it's important not to leave video tactics out of your plan.

hdc make holiday social media content shine 3

  • Is there a home for sale that feels cozy and perfect for the colder months? Share a live home tour, remembering to tease it a few days leading up to the event to generate interest.
  • Does your office volunteer in the community? Share it via video!
  • Have tips for selling a home in the fall or winter? Record individual "Tip of the Day" video snippets no more than 15 seconds long and post them on your Facebook and Instagram stories.

4) Don't be afraid to have fun!

Novelty holidays are off the beaten path, providing opportunities to engage with your audience in fun ways while still relating to "home" and "real estate." Here are some holidays to help jumpstart your content list:

hdc make holiday social media content shine 4

  • November 1st – National Cook for Your Pets Day. Share your favorite pet recipe with your followers or encourage your audience to share pictures of their pets' special meals. Millennial homebuyers especially love their pets, so this is a great way to connect with them!
  • November 13th – World Kindness Day. Encourage your audience to be kind and give tips for how they can spread kindness to others. Bonus tip: share a photo of you or your team engaging in a charitable activity.
  • December 3rd – National Roof Over Your Head Day. A day to be thankful for your home; ask your followers to share what they're most thankful for in their home for a chance to win a small gift card OR encourage them to volunteer with local housing charities like Habitat for Humanity.
  • December 20th – National Ugly Sweater Day. Nothing says "home holiday get-together" quite like an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Share your favorite tips to make the home the perfect venue for the event.

5) Diversify your content.

Relevant content is equal parts timely and helpful. A one-size-fits-all approach to your content will leave many members of your audience unengaged, so choose 4-5 different types of content you want to cycle through on your calendar. For example:

  • Industry news — What's going on for buyers and sellers in the local market, and what insights or advice can you give your audience accordingly?
  • Just for fun — We all need a reprieve from daily life sometimes. Do you have a fun story? Find a funny meme? Share it and let your audience enjoy your personality.
  • Homes for sale — Do any of your listings have standout features that are timely for the season, like a mudroom or heated floors? Link to the listing on with a description of those seasonally appropriate features.

hdc make holiday social media content shine 6

Your holiday content strategy doesn't have to be overwhelming if you tailor it to your needs, your personality, and your audience. Do you need help figuring out the best content strategy for you? Check out Social Fuel!

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