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Success Story: San Diego Team Triples Their Transactions with Software Switch

October 28 2019

We're back with the second entry in our "Success Story" series. This week: Scaling your business with the help of the right technology.

The "right technology" is what made the difference for Kyle Whissel and his team. One year after changing software, the team nearly tripled their number of closed transactions.

What caused the need for the tech change, and which platform did the Whissel Realty Group switch to? Read on to find out!

Searching for Technology that Keeps Up

2011 was a good year for Whissel Realty Group. They closed 82 transactions and their business was gaining momentum. "We started to pick up some big REO accounts," says Kyle Whissel, CEO and leader of the San Diego-based team. "We were landing a lot more listings, and we knew that we needed to leverage those listings to get more leads. And then, when we had more leads, we needed more people."

The technology platform they were using, however, was struggling to keep up. "It just was not built to scale that up from where we were at." For Kyle, that meant his team was leaving money on the table—so he decided to seek out a new platform that could keep up.

In 2012, the team switched to BoomTown—and they had a great year. "That first year that we implemented BoomTown, we went from 82 to 242 transactions," says Kyle. "That was a huge quantum leap for us!"

With BoomTown, Whissel Realty Group was able to:

  • Manage a large database of leads
  • Generate a healthy pipeline of new leads
  • Manage follow-up and long-term lead nurture
  • Hold agents accountable and track performance

"When you take a business that's on the right track, but then you actually implement systems in place that help you manage all of that, that's the thing that takes you to the next level," says Kyle.

The Deciding Factors

So what drove the Whissel Group to choose BoomTown over competing solutions?

One factor was BoomTown's longevity. "There's so many growing pains and so many kinks that need to be worked out with newer technology," says Kyle. "The time that you spend working through some of those kinks or waiting for things to be added to the system, that time is money."

If a software platform can't keep up with the pace of technology innovation, how can you expect it to keep up with the your pace of growth? Waiting for tech solutions to play catch-up just costs you business, according to Kyle.

Value was another key factor in the Whissel Group's decision-making process. Rather than focusing on the out-the-door cost of a solution, the team focused on how much money that solution could earn them.

Kyle likens it to converting FSBOs. "It's that same conversation: 'The reason you should list with me is I'm going to put the most money in your pocket. Even though I charge more, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter how much I charge. It's about how much goes into your pocket.'" He suggests focusing on which solution is "going to put the most money possible in your pocket," rather than on which is priced the lowest.

Watch this product tour to learn how BoomTown can put more money in your pocket. Want to see which BoomTown product is right for you? Compare packages.