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3 Reasons Online Technology is Essential for Today’s REALTOR®

November 22 2011

Think about the technology you use on a daily basis. The things that come to mind are probably your Smartphone, your computer, etc. However, many valuable technology tools have moved online where you can’t hold them in your hands, but you probably couldn’t get through you day without them. In fact, online technology helps you perform the 3 most essential functions of your work as a REALTOR® - helping buyers find a home, helping sellers sell their home, and marketing your services. Let’s go through each of these in further detail.

1) Assisting Buyers
First and foremost, your MLS system is one of the top technology resources available to you. Your MLS will help you locate available properties, find the information you need to show properties, and share information about these properties with your buyers. Within the MLS, you can configure your buyer’s search and notify the buyer whenever a new listing matches their search criteria, or when a listing meeting their needs has modified information (like a new price). Of course, as the buyer’s representative, you are also notified.

Once your buyer has chosen a home, you may consider using transaction management, document management, or electronic signature tools to save time and improve the accuracy of the purchase.  Once your offer has been submitted, online tools, like the new myFirstAM™, for example, can help track title.

2) Assisting Sellers
Once again, your MLS system features prominently as you assist clients sell their homes. Your MLS is where you can share information about the property and also gain information about the property.

When you’re selling a home, you’ll also use other online tools such as listing syndication. This brings the property in front of more eyes. Listing syndication strategy is a science and an art. Your MLS, Association, and broker can help you understand this process and optimize your strategy to sell homes more effectively.

A virtual tours service is another online solution that can help you sell homes. Virtual tours provide a multi-media experience, something that potential buyers are sure to respond to.

When it comes time to negotiate the sale, there are online tools that allow you to collaborate with all parties involved in the transaction. DotLoopDotLoop is an example of this. DotLoop provides a transaction hub that connects people and documents in real time. These tools help achieve a faster, smoother sale.

3) Marketing Yourself
Your most powerful professional marketing tool should be your website. Crafting the most powerful website for your real estate business is the subject of countless articles, webinars, videos, conventions, and lectures. Even the most Internet savvy among us will admit that their website is a work in progress. That work is worth it, as your website will help you market your services, share your unique value proposition, gain clients, and even sell your properties. With a compliant IDX property search solution, all listings in the MLS are branded to you for presentation to your clients online.

In addition to your website, online tools for marketing your business include blogs, social media, QR codes, and video sites like YouTube.

Good, Old-Fashioned “Elbow Grease”
As you can see, more and more business is being done online, improving your ability to do your job effectively and efficiently. However, at the end of the day, this technology isn’t doing the work for you. Remember that it is your hard work and commitment that allow you to become a real estate rock star. Those of us in the technology sphere are just here to help you reach your potential.