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4 Reasons You Need to Update Your Web Browser Today

October 08 2019

web address urlHow old is your browser? If you are using Firefox or Chrome on your desktop or laptop PC, are you sure you have the latest version? Tech Helpline found that one-in-three callers were using a version of Firefox that was at least seven years old! Why should you need to be concerned about searching the web using an outdated version of any of the popular browsers?

Let's look at four reasons that should motivate you to make certain your web browser is updated today:

1. Safety risk

Old browsers use outdated encryption – and that's what protects you and your computer from harm. By not having the most updated version of a web browser, you are exponentially increasing the risk of being exposed to viruses, adware, malware, and even ransomware by simply ending up on the wrong website.

Older browsers also are prone to have glitches – also called "bugs." Software bugs in your browser can cause your web browser and even your computer to freeze or crash. You can fix these bugs quickly with a simple browser update.

2. Faster loading webpages

You may not realize it, but an older browser will slow you down. If you find yourself frequently waiting for a webpage to load, your browser may be a candidate for an update.

Browser technology has improved vastly over the last five years and it's getting better all the time. What good is paying for high-speed internet if the browser you are using is not loading each web page as fast as the newest version?

And if an older browser is freezing or crashing, how much time are you wasting rebooting your system just to surf the web? Updating a browser can be the solution for a faster online experience.

3. Everything works

Web pages are becoming more sophisticated and that means different types of media files are being embedded inside these pages. Videos, PDFs, and new types of graphic images often are only fully compatible with an updated browser.

If you are seeing blank spaces where an image or video should be, it's likely your older browser is causing the problem. By using the newest browser version, you are more likely to have an online experience where everything works. Older browsers are not compatible with a lot of new technology. The result is a very frustrating online experience because you are missing out and not getting all the information available. An update can fix the compatibility problem.

4. Never-ending updates

The best thing about a new browser is it is supported, meaning when a new virus or bug is discovered, an update is issued. If your browser is out of date, that's not the case. In fact, many browsers no longer are supported.

For example, if you are still using Windows XP or Vista, and you are using Internet Explorer versions 8-11, or Firefox, none of these older browsers are supported.

And when you update to the newest version of your favorite browser, remember to choose Automatic Updates to make certain that your browser will protect you from new nefarious online threats and fix any software bugs quickly.

Call for help

If you have been putting off updating your browser because you fear you will lose all your bookmarks or you are just used to what you have, you are not alone. The good news is the technology for browsers are so advanced that things like bookmarks are automatically imported to the newest version.

But fear not: Tech Helpline and its seasoned analysts are experts at walking you through the process and getting you comfortable with your decision to upgrade. Tech Helpline is always just a call or click away, so feel free to reach out and upgrade your web browser today!

To view the original article, visit the Tech Helpline blog.