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Open House? Live Tweet It.

October 07 2019

hdc open house live tweet itSocial media is a great way to market yourself as a real estate agent. You may find yourself looking at new ways to share a listing or advertise for an open house. One great way you can showcase an open house is by live tweeting it.

Twitter is a platform that is meant for short, quick messages that you can share with your followers and allow them to engage with you in real time. Twitter is a great way to keep a conversation going, but that isn't the only benefit to live tweeting an open house.

What is Live Tweeting?

Live tweeting is a digital play-by-play of an event similar to when viewers of shows like The Bachelor and Survivor follow along and tweet throughout the show. This a great way to help increase engagement, build conversations, and draw attention to your real estate business.

When hosting an open house, you can live tweet comments from visitors or share pictures of the home with followers who can't be there to see the home in person.

Great for Those Who Can't Physically Be There

There may be clients or potential buyers who are interested in a home that you will be showing at an open house. However, not everyone can be there. When having an open house that you are able to live tweet, you can share the features of the home with potential buyers from other states or potential buyers that are working full time.

Show Off the House

Live tweeting an open house is an ideal time to show off the home to your followers on Twitter. By "showing off," we don't mean photographing every bedroom and bathroom in the home, but showcasing the best, most amazing features of the home to draw in potential buyers.

For example, if the home has a beautiful kitchen, take the time to take a picture and share it with your followers. Ask an open-ended question about the kitchen such as, "What would you cook first in this kitchen?" Or, if the home has a beautiful backyard with a pool, you can tweet something like, "Imagine spending the summer with your family in this backyard."

Engage with Your Followers

Twitter, like all social media, is about having conversations with people who have similar interests. When you live tweet an open house, you are creating a conversation about the listing, and conversations lead to conversions. Not only are you gaining exposure for your listing, you are building an audience that may want to purchase another home from you.

Live tweeting an open house might be the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your listing on Twitter. You have a great opportunity to build engagement and keep the conversation going about your real estate business.

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