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Answer the Phone or Just Go Home?

November 21 2011

This article appeared originally on the Delta Media Group blog.

It’s 5:45pm and you’re on your way out of the office. The laptop is in your briefcase, you already called your wife to tell her you’ll be home soon, and your jacket is half-way on. Meanwhile, you’re half-way out the door and your mind’s halfway home.

This is one of the last moments you want the phone to ring.

But why not? How could you turn down another opportunity for more business? Besides, people usually leave work around 5pm, and 30-45 minutes later is right around that time where the serious ones might look to inquire about that house for sale—the one they’ve passed every day over the past two weeks, admiring it more each time. They finally got home from a day on the job and remembered what it was they keep telling themselves they need to remember when they get home. Call about that house.

“It might be out of our range, but it has been on the market for a few weeks. It’s bigger, and a lot closer to work. It’s at least worth checking out.”

You don’t want to miss this phone call. Even if you arm gets tangled in your coat, your brief case is forgotten at the office and your wife waits an extra 15 minutes, the last thing you want to do is ignore a potential client.

But your phone makes a different sound this time. It’s shorter, and stops after one chime. It’s the sound of a text, telling you there’s a new lead waiting for you on the DeltaNet, your Web-based back-officeWeb-based back-office, only seconds after your new potential client submitted a showing request on your website. Make sure your coat’s on before deciding to glance at the lead right from your phone. Once you do, you’ll see the exact house your next potential client wants to know about.

“I’ll give him a call on my way home to confirm the showing he requested,” you think. “Or maybe I’ll shoot him back a quick email and call him when I get home.”

Either way, the DeltaNet has already sent him an email back, direct from you with your picture on it. When he receives your call, he’ll feel like you’ve already spoken. Once you do, he’ll feel even more like he knows you.

Touch base with the client, confirm the showing, and shoot him a follow-up email tonight with the other comparable listings for sale in that price range in the same neighborhood. Shoot him another email next week with new listings in the marketnew listings in the market, and others nearby that he also might be interested in checking out. Even if he makes an offer on the house he contacted you about, he’ll at least know what else is available around him, and for what price.

What he won’t know is you didn’t make those emails, the DeltaNet did. It searched the new listings for you, gathering those that matched some of the characteristics he was looking for. It even threw in a few houses you wouldn’t have thought of—ones nearby that could prove to be a better fit, now that he knows about them.

Your new client is pretty happy with how much you’ve helped him. You’re happy with how little it took to do it.

And just think—it’s all because you didn’t get that phone call.

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