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Sell That Listing Using Virtual Reality

September 30 2019

hdc sell that listing using virtual realityIt seems that there are always new ways to sell your client's home. It started with listing books, and then taking great photos of the home. Soon after, effective agents produced video tours of their listings. And now there is a new way to showcase your clients' listings: virtual reality.

There are plenty of ways that using virtual reality can help you sell your client's home. Hopefully, after reading some of the helpful tips we have for you, you'll feel ready to use virtual reality in your real estate business.

How to Make the Virtual Reality a Reality

Now, before we get into how to use virtual reality to help you sell your client's home, you have to know what programs are available to make a virtual reality listing. There a quite a few programs out there to turn your client's listing into a virtual listing.

Matterport is a popular program that agents use to showcase their client's listing virtually. You can get started for free and then sign up for a subscription. It is pretty simple. All you have to do is scan the rooms in the home, upload them into the Matterport 3D cloud, and then link the home to your MLS listing. This program gives you the option to share a guided tour or allow potential buyers to guide themselves through the home.

roOomy is a great program that offers you a way to stage a home that is lacking in staging opportunities. With roOomy, you can virtually stage a home so it looks its best when a potential buyer is viewing the home online. You can place furniture and decor that will make the home almost irresistible.

Virtual Tours

One of the most difficult parts of purchasing a home can be traveling from listing to listing to take a tour of each home individually. With virtual reality, you can increase your opportunity to sell the home by incorporating virtual tours.

With virtual tours, you can increase the chances of selling your client's home quickly since potential buyers can view the home from wherever they live. If you have a potential buyer that lives far away, you now have the option to share a home with them via virtual reality.

Staging is Different

Typically, you have to put some effort into staging to sell your client's home. This can include painting or rearranging furniture. With virtual reality, you can take some of the stress of staging away. You have the option to turn a home that is not picture perfect into a home that is staged and freshly painted.

You can change bland wall colors to a more updated hue or even place furniture in rooms to help create the space your clients envision. This can be especially helpful if a home is empty and there is no furniture to display.

Creating an Emotional Connection

When a potential buyer visits your listing, they may develop an emotional attachment to the home that they are viewing. Generally, this happens when a person will take the tour in person. You can use the virtual reality option to share a home with potential buyers if they are unable to make it to the physical location of the home.

If you have a potential buyer who is unable to physically attend a showing, they can use virtual reality to take a tour of the home. This places them right in the middle of the home as if they are there. With this, they can form the connection that they may need to decide to purchase the home and help make a sale for you.

Using virtual reality can be a great utility to you and your client. You have the option to reach potential buyers who may be looking to move to the area or who would prefer not to travel to many different homes.

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